Tuesday, October 28, 2003

My all time favourite game

anyone here still playing this game? According to the Guinness World Record , Super Mario Brothers is among the best selling video games with total copies sold of 40.23 millions worldwide. Donkey Kong still keeps the record with 152 millions copies since 1983 (excluding pirated copies hehe...) Wow....

Monday, October 27, 2003

Hey, the paycheque is here. what should I get for myself after paying all the bills and debts? Hmm...new book I guess. I read in The Star yesterday about the book that hitted no 1 in the MPH top ten list.

Chin Peng : My side of History at the price of RM 70. Hmm...I read a lot of reviews about this book. Maybe I should get a copy for myself. See what he says about himself and his ideas of wars.

Or maybe, the book that I've been eyeing for quite some time. The Rich Dad Poor Dad. Lately I feel like I want to spend some times on motivational books like Chicken Soup for the soul, Who Moved my cheese and etc..etc..etc...but heck, there are plenty of such kind of books in the market. Which one should I start with? I need something that can boost my critical way of thinking. Maybe something to recharge my esteem or fuel up my motivation to work and strive for the best. Any suggestion?

Sunday, October 26, 2003

An Evening in Time Square
Yesterday morning was not a good one for me. I had a bad headache, been working hard on finishing the semester project which due today and thank god I just need to send it to the shop for binding and done.

After 5pm, Wana and I had decided to go somewhere just for a walk and food before the fasting month begin. After thinking and deciding, we choose Time Square since both of us haven't been there since the first day opening. I parked my car at Putra Setiawangsa, shoved my handycam bag with me and move towards the station and bought 2 tickets to KL Sentral.

From KL Sentral, we walked towards the Monorail and bought two tickets to Imbi station. That was the first time I had a ride on Monorail and I must agree with my aunty, the ride is a bot scary. The monorail itself is very cosy. The aircond was really chillin' and the seats are comfortable. But the ride was bumpy and it felt like you are on a roller coaster coz sometimes it bent to the left and right. The ride took us bout 10 minutes or more to reach Imbi. Wana had troubled at the exit and I had to called the security personnel to check the machine. The card was stuck inside.

The first shop that you will see when walking through the tunnel into Time Square is the Soxworld. We tried to climb to the highest floor, which is the 17th floor according to the information counter but only up to 8th floor are open to public. The 8th floor is empty and only loving couple can be seen seating at the benches along the corridor. We went down to 7th floor and started out walkathon from one shop to another. Most of the shops are still vacant and under construction. Nothing much can be seen. I saw Levi's and Polker dots shop (what a name!).

We kept on walking and arrived at a very nice shop. It's a gift shop. Don't forget to buy this weird bottles where you can find green and red pepper nicely filled and arranged in it. Very unique.

At the 5th floor (I think), we can hear loud sounds and people screaming. We quickly walk towards it. Walla....it's the theme park. Wow....it is huge. An in-house theme park. Roller coaster's rails all over the place and some are just above your head. Kids rides, lots of people, screams and laughter....the words that can describe this place,

I dunno what actually happened during this time but somehow I can see a girl been helped out of the coaster. Some guys looks ills and people were stopping by at the scene to have a closer look a it. I heard some whisper about the machine were stuck there. Dunno how true it is and a girl in yellow shirt cried when the staff helped her on her feet. Pheww...that machine definitey more crazier than the one in Genting. Here's some photos of it.

Dexter is here too...

I don't think kids will find this a friendly face.....
A lounge in a mall?

My stomach started to make sounds and we headed towards the food level, which is the 4th level. MacD, Kenny Rogers, Sushi..that's all I can see. Oh yes, also Long John Silver, Kyros Kebab and The Chicken Rice Shop. We choose Chicken Herts, all you can eat. Yahoo...since Monday is the fasting day better eat as much as you can. muahahahaha....We had dinner till 9pm. The food is great, just like the outlet in Malacca and Sunway Pyramid. But beware, do not be surprised if you feel your table shaking and the floor seems rocking coz that's what we felt while having our food. The roller coaster created that..the roaring sound can be heard clearly. It makes us felt a bit dizzy. Not a nice plave to enjoyed the food and definitely not a place for a nice, peaceful and quiet dinner.

Whoopps...it's 9.30pm. Damn. The monorail had stopped its service. I just don't understand why. Long list of people waiting for the taxi can be seen outside Time Square. After thinking and discussing, we decided to walk towards KLCC which is the nearest to Bukit Bintang to catch the LRT headed Setiawangsa. It's tiring but fun. We walked and talked and we can see what the 'heaven' to some people looks like. I am talking about The Beach, Modestos and several night crawler places for nice drinks (nice?) and music and not to forget, hot babes (phew....). It took us 20 minutes to arrived at KLCC.

I don't believe my eyes. KLCC was deserted at 10pm. Not many people at the park, not much in the building itself and the LRT station looks empty. Was there any special event elsewhere in KL? kind of weird though. I thought KLCC is the building that never sleeps (haha...that reminds me of LA or NY, the city that never sleep.)

We arrived Setiawangsa at about 10.30pm and I only reached home at exactly 11 after sending Wana home. Quickly bathed and doozed off.....zzzzzz........what a day.

Friday, October 24, 2003

nampak tak gambo nie?

sila angkat tangan jika anda nampak gambo ini dan cuba bagitau apa namanya menatang ini....


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Worse experience with Maybank service

I went to Petronas in Setapak Permai (near F A Fatimah restaurant) and use the cash deposit machine to deposit some money to my saving account. I've been using the machine plenty of time and using the menu is not a problem at all to me.

As usual, after inserting the cash, I wait for the receipt to pop out but instead, the machine's screen view a message that the machine is out of service. I was really panicked. This has never happened to me before. I called the maybank2u hotline and make a report. Then on the next morning, I went to Maybank Setiawangsa and made a written report. Maybank promised that it should be settled in 7 days.

I waited patiently for phone calls and feedback from the complaints that I made via the website. None till yesterday I checked my account and found out that they already deposited the money.

I wonder whether their staff actually check all the complaints or compliments made via web. If not, in that case complaints via newspaper is much more reliable. The petronas owner also claimed that such problems happens all the time at the CDM machine in their station.

Since that, I only use CDM at maybank outlet only. :(
Beriadah di Tasik Titiwangsa
selepas penat seharian dipejabat memunggah pc dr tadika ke opis, seronok juga jika dapat berehat menghirup udara segar sambil mencuci mata di Tasik Titiwangsa.

Seekor labi-labi bersiar-siar di petang hari...

selepas penat berjalan, singgah di gerai pekena rojak buah...

camne nak lompat melintas longkang nie??

senjakala...sudah tiba.....mentari terbenam di ufuk errr...timur ke barat ek??

kemaruk sungguh aku mengambil gambo...cenggini le org baru2 blaja pakai kamera :p

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The Birthday 'Boy'

hehe...jimat duit. Birthday 'boy' belanja makan. Birthday yg ke 30....kuikuikui. Tokey kedai kek cuma mampu kasik lilin 3 batang aje. sebab stok lilin dah abis. hehehehe.....tenkiuk bini birthday boy yg blanje kek yg aku tak penah makan sblm nie. Kek teramishu ke hapa namanya. sedap sungguh. Juga Tuan Shahrul yg belanja makan malam. Aku balun sebaik mungkin. Mujur tak bungkus bawak balik. Lain kali blanje lagi...hehehehe...

Nie le kek teramitshu ke hapa namanya. sedap woo...ada eskrem. krim dia pun sodap. strawberi pon sodap.....

nie le dia birthday 'boy' dgn isteri dan anaknya....

Wana ngan mak si birthday boy pun ada sama celebrate..

Satay Restoran R & K.....takleh celen satay kajang le....dah le nasi impit tu keras....

fuhhhh....sodap...sodap....lagi2 kalau free.....

nasi goreng ikan masin....memang betul2 masin. Mujur tak tertelan ikan masin tu. Ada ke taruk seketul-seketul. Tak best betul......tapi best jugak dan licin gak sebab free...hehehe...

Kindergarten's concert
Last sunday was a really hectic day. I had to wake up earlier than usual people do on sunday to attend 2 kindergarten's concert. The first one was quite good, more towards Islamic performance. But the kids were adorable especially in their graduation costum.

At 2pm, I rushed to Auditorium DBKL. Wow, the performance by the kids was tremendeously great. With the costumes and the backdrop, phew....these kids really work hard for the show. The music was great and they even have the traditional music that usually can be heard during university graduation for the 6 years graduation ceremony along with the graduation long costume (jubah). I brought along my handycam and shoot most of the show. My first attempt on video shooting. Once I have my pc back and upgrade the system, I shall start learning on how to edit it. The Star hosted a one day digital video editing workshop on last sunday and I had to missed it. Rugi....

This is during a nasyid performance.

One of my favourite student...

The naughty boy who ddin't want to leave Carrefour because of this mini playground. My manager's son.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

My first attempt with my Sony handycam

My first try. Try not to shake my hand too hard. I am quite satisfy with the first result. Well, still image with a digital video camera is not that bad at all. This is one of my student during today's concert rehearsal.

Tomorrow is the last exam paper. Not totally last for this semester because it is only mid term. Final exam will be after hari raya (I wonder who's brilliant idea to have the exam after raya?). Better go off now and study. It's Human Computer Interaction, bebeh......;)
The new Sony videocam
Yahooo.....nearly tears rolled down my cheeck. sob..sob...I was still in disbelieve. This baby is mine at last. Mine!!! The Sony TRV 355E......the first time I touch the body and hold it with my bare hand....I felt....wow, it's so undescribeable....so beautiful. I started to look through the scope and LCD. This beauty makes me hold my breath. Tomorrow is its first duty. To test its skills and to prove that it works. I'm gonna shot a short video of childrens of a kindy where I teach. They will be having their full dress rehearsal for the end of year concert which will be held this Sunday. Come on baby, show me your magic!!

Monday, October 13, 2003

Ramalan Kaji Cuaca
hehehe...acah aje. Artikel nie pun dipetik dr forum cari.com.my Mlm nie memang aku gila blog. mata nie tamau tido.

* Sangat suka didamping.
* Banyak berahsia dan sukar dimengerti terutamanya lelaki.
* Agak pendiam kecuali dirangsang. ye ke?
* Ada harga dan maruah diri.
* Tak suka menyusahkan orang lain tapi tidak marah apabila disusahkan.
* Mudah dipujuk dan bercakap lurus
* Sangat menjaga hati orang lain.sampai lupa nak jaga hati sendiri
* Sangat peramah.
* Emosi sangat mendalam tapi mudah terluka hatinya.
* Berjiwa sentimental.so true.....kihkihkih
* Jarang berdendam.
* Mudah memaafkan tapi sukar melupakan.sukar nak ingat sebab prob short term memory loss
* Tidak suka benda remeh-temeh.
* Membimbing cara fizikal dan mental.
* Sangat peka, mengambil berat dan mengasihi serta penyayang.
* Layanan yang serupa terhadap semua orang.
* Tinggi daya simpati.
* Pemerhatian yang tajam.
* Suka menilai orang lain melalui pemerhatian.
* Mudah dan rajin belajar.
* Suka muhasabah diri.....
* Suka mengenangkan peristiwa atau kawan lama. sama spt diatas....masalah memory
* Suka mendiamkan diri.
* Suka duduk di rumah.kuang...kuang...kuang.....
* Suka tunggu kawan tapi tak cari kawan.
* Tidak agresif kecuali terpaksa.not true at all.....(applicable only to me)
* Lemah dari segi kesihatan perut.
* Mudah gemuk kalau tak kawal diet. errrkkss....
* Minta disayangi.
* Mudah terluka hati tapi lambat pulih. same things...
* Terlalu mengambil berat.
* Rajin dalam membuat kerja
Sejenak bersama puisi
juga dipetik dr forum Cari.com.my Pehh....syahdu abis puisi nie.


Kata pujangga
perempuan bagaikan angin
lembutnya melenakan
ributnya menggusarkan.

Adakalanya mereka seperti ibu
menyaji kasih, menghidang sayang
adakalanya mereka seperti anak
ingin dibelai, minta dimanjakan
adakalanya mereka seperti nenek
berleter seadanya, merungut semahuannya.

teman kembara dalam kehidupan yang sementara ini.
bahagia dan derita kita sangat berkait dengan mereka.

( i )

Tiba-tiba isteri merajuk
pandai-pandailah memujuk
buka telinga, tajamkan pendengaran,amati suaranya
teliti dengan hati yang terseni
rasional atau emosi ?
andainya emosi, belailah emosi itu
jangan cuba dihadapkan secara rasional
kerana sidia tak akan terdaya
mengunyah hujah,berilah walau seribu sebab
lengkap dengan perangkaan statistik
atau dokumen saintifik
berserta dengan beberapa affidavit
dia tetap melulu kerana fikiran sudah berjerebu.

Dalam situasi ini
fikiran telah ditawan perasaan
sebaiknya, perhaluskan kata, perindahkan bahasa
jinakkan perasaan, hadiahkan senyuman.

Masih gagal ?
cuba gunakan sentuhan
semarakkan belaian.

Masih gagal juga ?
Tunggu saja rajuknya reda
emosi isteri
bagai riak-riak air dalam cawan
jangan digoncang...... buat selamba
lambat laun, gelombang akan tenang
air dicawan akan kita minum jua.

Tapi awas.....
kalau ternyata, rajuknya berfakta
masamnya berdata, geramnya berilmiah
marahnya ada prima facie
ini rajuk taraf tinggi namanya
perlu ditangani berhati-hati
kalau ternyata benar,apa salahnya kita terima
mengaku lalu berjanji serta berikrar
" Sayang abang tak ulang lagi "
katakan " Sayang....abang alpa "
bisikkan " Darling.. I lupa.."
hulurkan tangan, pinta kemaafan
pendekatan kasanova, tapi hati suci

Rajuk isteri seperti mangga muda
perisanya masam
kalau kena cicahnya
enaknya akan terasa.
ingat, api yang panas, padam oleh salji yang dingin.

( ii )

tiba-tiba isteri merungut
malah kadangkala agak mengugut
minta aksesori serta perabut
minta Villa yang tersergam indah
atau mahligai di lereng bukit
sedangkan kita bukan Shah Jehan
yang mampu membina Taj Mahal buat isterinya
tetapi isteri pula, persis Nur Jehan
yang meminta petanda keagungan cintanya
Katanya " Seabadi permata....
segermelapan intan " ...
sedangkan ditangan kita
cuma cincin tembaga.

peritnya mengukur cinta
dalam ukuran mayam atau menimbang setia
menerusi Bursa Saham papan utama
kasih isteri, turun naik
mengikut kadar tukaran wang asing.

Tiada guna menyesali diri
diakan dulu pilihan kita ?
semasa mekarnya
dia dihargai, dipuja-puji
dia kini sudah menjadi ibu
pada anak-anak kita
sudah takdir...
permata yang dipilih
perlu digilap semula.

putus asa jangan sekali
terimalah dia, dengan redha.
justeru isteri
pada hakikatnya
adalah bayang-bayang suami
wanita adalah tulang rusuk yang bengkok
luruskan dengan berhati-hati bertegas tapi jangan
lembut tapi jangan reput.

Katakan RM bukan segala-galanya
lalu pada saat yang kudus
setelah bersolat bersama
bisikkanlah " Duhai isteriku...
marilah kita bina perkahwinan ini
dengan cinta yang sejati
marilah kita kutip rezeki
dengan keringat tersuci
kita cari harta, tetapi itu bukan segala-galanya
padamu isteri,istanamu, di hati ini
padamu sayang
kalung cintamu, di jiwa ini."

( iii )

Akan tiba masanya bila 'isteri' di hati tapi kurang di
usia meningkat kecantikan tergugat
dulu yang kita lihat mulus kini beransur pupus
betis, tidak lagi bunting padi
pipi, bukan lagi pauh dilayang
apakah dengan itu akan berkurang cinta kita ?
jika berkurang, nyatalah cinta kita
selama ini cinta di mata bertapak di body
tapi jika cinta tetap kekal malah semakin bertambah
ertinya cinta kita di hati, berpasak di budi.
itulah cinta sejati.

Namun tidak salah
di samping menyanjung budi,
kita merampingkan 'body'
kalau ada kesempatan
ajaklah dia bersenam, amalkan puasa sunat
tapi ingat niat kerana Tuhan
bukan kerana ingin kuruskan badan
tapi Tuhan Maha Penyayang
Dia pasti membantu isteri yang memburu keredhaan suami
tak salah kalau mohon kesihatan, kecantikan dan
sama-samalah merampinkan badan
yang terlebih dikurangkan
jangan sesekali mencemuh apalagi menjauh
apa gunanya membandingkan isteri dengan perawan.

Bukan masanya lagi merenung dara
tapi kini saat menghitung dosa
lalu ajaklah isteri sama-sama menambah bakti
moga-moga cinta kita kekal ke hujung usia
di dunia ini dan di akhirat nanti
itulah yang dikatakan
hidup berdua, 'selepas' mati pun bersama.

( iv )

Kekadang isteri mengamuk
dengan ombak prasangka dan taufan cemburu

Apa bukti setiamu suami ?
Apakah tandanya hanya aku di hatimu ?
kekadang disergahnya kita
ketika keringat masih membasah
baru menjengah pintu rumah.

Ketika itu nilailah diri
mungkin kita berdosa dengan Tuhan
atau bersalah dengan insan
mungkin banyak kezaliman dan penganiayaan
yang telah kita lakukan

Lalu datang teguran, amaran dan peringatan
secara 'indirect' dari Tuhan
hadapkanlah diri ke cermin hati
kaji diri satu persatu
kalau liar, berhentilah
kalau berdosa, bertaubatlah

Sebaliknya jika ternyata isteri yang melulu
nasihatkanlah baik-baik
bukan senang nak senang
ingatlah mustika kata dalam kitab-kitab tua
suami yang bersabar dengan isteri yang jahat
akan mendapat pahala Nabi Ayub
atau ingatlah pesan Sayidina Umar al-Khattab
ketika didatangi seorang suami yang dileteri isteri :

" Bersabarlah, kerana sesungguhnya isteri telah banyak
membantu kita. Dia yang menyelamatkan kita daripada
amukan nafsu.
Dia yang membantu menjaga makan minum kita.
Dia yang mencuci kain baju kita
Dia yang membantu membersihkan rumah kita...
lalu apa salahnya kita bersabar dengan sedikit
kerenahnya ? "

( v )

Marilah sama-sama kita tabur secubit salji pada
segenggam api.
Telah banyak kita dengar cerita keruntuhan, kisah
Marilah kita suburkan kembali pohon perkahwinan ini
walaupun sudah berdekad-dekad usianya.

Institusi ini adalah kubu terakhir kita.
Marilah kita pertahankan bersama si dia.
si diaku, si diamu
cinta kita jangan mati dalam arus dunia siber,
biar setia kita makin waja.
Biarlah skrin-skrin internet atau intranet memaparkan
yang indah-indah pantulan seri rumah tangga kita.

Bicara ini diakhiri dengan satu coretan
yang mungkin boleh diguriskan pada kad hari lahir
atau kad ulang tahun perkahwinan
atau surat biru yang ingin kau utuskan padanya...

Atau kau pahatkan saja di halaman hatimu
pada malam nanti :

Aku hanya seorang suami
yang menerima setulus hati
seorang isteri.
Janji yang termeterai
di akad nikah kita musim yang lalu.
Salam kuhulur
buat menyapa hatimu nan luhur.
Bersamalah kita harungi
derita yang datang.
Bersatulah kita tempuhi
nikmat yang bertandang.
Denai perkahwinan
pasti dihujani air mata.
Biar kita rasa: rupanya syurga itu
sangat tinggi maharnya.

tidak kutagih setia, sesetia Hawa.
Atau kerinduan menggila Laila
yang sangat dalam.
Terimalah kehadiranku
di sudut tersuci di dalam hatimu.....
seorang isteri.
Pinggan untuk ayah

Suatu cerita yg sungguh menusuk kalbu, kelabu dan kekabu....dipetik dari forum Cari.com.my

SEORANG lelaki tua yang baru kematian isteri tinggal bersama anaknya, Arwan dan menantu perempuannya, Lina, serta anak pasangan itu, Viva yang baru berusia enam tahun. Keadaan lelaki tua itu agak uzur, jari-jemarinya sentiasa menggeletar dan pandangan pula semakin hari semakin kabur.

Malam pertama berpindah ke rumah anaknya, mereka makan malam bersama. Lelaki tua merasa kurang selesa menikmati hidangan di meja makan. Dia merasa amat canggung menggunakan sudu dan garpu. Selama ini dia gemar bersila, tapi di rumah anaknya dia tiada pilihan.

Cukup sukar dirasakannya, sehingga makanan bersepah tanpa dapat dikawal. Bukan dia tidak merasa malu berkeadaan begitu di depan anak menantu, tetapi dia gagal menahannya. Lantaran kerap benar dijeling menantu, seleranya patah. Dan tatkala dia mencapai gelas minuman, pegangannya terlucut. Prannnnngggggg ...!!I

Bertaburan kaca di lantai. Lelaki tua serba salah. Dia bangun, cuba mengutip serpihan gelas itu, tapi Arwan melarangnya. Lina masam mencuka. Viva pula kesian melihat datuknya, tapi dia hanya melihat, kemudian makan semula.

Esok ayah tak boleh makan bersama kita," Viva mendengar ibunya berkata pada ayah, sebaik datuk menghilangkan diri ke dalam bilik. Arwan hanya membisu. Namun sempat anak kecil itu merenung tajam ke dalam mata Arwan.

Sebagai memenuhi tuntutan Lina, Arwan membeli sebuah meja kecil yang rendah, lalu diletakkan di suatu sudut bilik makan. Di situlah ayahnya menikmati hidangan bersendirian, sambil anak menantu makan di meja berhampiran. Viva pula dihalang apabila dia merengek mahu makan bersama datuknya.

Air mata lelaki tua meleleh mengenang nasibnya diperlakukan begitu. Ketika itu dia teringat kampung halaman yang ditinggalkan. Dia terkenang arwah isterinya. Lalu perlahan-lahan dia berbisik: "Miah... buruk
benar layanan anak kita pada abang."

Sejak itu, lelaki tua merasa tidak selesa tinggal di situ. Hari-hari dia diherdik kerana menumpahkan sisa makanan. Dia diperlakukan seperti hamba. Pernah dia terfikir untuk lari dari situ, tetapi mengenangkan
cucunya, dia menahan diri. Dia tidak mahu melukakan hati cucunya. Biarlah dia menahan diri dikelar dan dicalar anak menantu.

Suatu malam, Viva terperanjat melihat datuknya makan menggunakan pinggan kayu, begitu juga gelas minuman yang diperbuat daripada buluh.

Dia cuba mengingat-ingat, di manakah dia pernah melihat pinggan seperti itu. "Oh! Ya..." bisiknya. Viva teringat, semasa berkunjung ke rumah sahabat papanya dia melihat tuan rumah itu memberi makan kucing-kucing mereka menggunakan pinggan yang sama.

Taklah pecah lagi, kalau tak, nanti habis pinggan mangkuk mama," kata Lina apabila anaknya bertanya.

Masa terus berlalu. Walaupun makanan berselerak setiap kali waktu makan, tiada lagi pinggan atau gelas yang pecah. Apabila Viva merenung datuknya yang sedang menyuap makanan, kedua-duanya hanya berbalas senyum.

Seminggu kemudian, sewaktu pulang dari bekerja, Arwan dan Lina terperanjat melihat anak mereka sedang bermain dengan kepingan-kepingan kayu.

Viva seperti sedang membuat sesuatu. Ada penukul, gergaji dan pisau di sisinya. "Eh, apa sayang buat ni? Berbahaya main benda-benda ni," kata Arwan menegur manja anaknya. Dia sedikit hairan bagaimana anaknya dapat mengeluarkan peralatan itu, sedang ia disimpan di dalam stor. "Nak buat pinggan, mangkuk dan gelas untuk ayah dan emak. Bila Viva besar nanti, taklah susah cari. Kesian ayah, terpaksa ke bandar beli pinggan atuk," kata Viva.

Gamam mendengar jawapan anaknya, Arwan terkedu. Perasaan Lina terusik.Kelopak mata kedua-duanya bergenang. Jawapan Viva menusuk, seluruh tangkai jantung dirasa seperti dihiris sembilu. Mereka benar-benar rasa bersalah!

Malam itu Arwan memimpin tangan ayahnya ke meja makan. Lina menyenduk nasi dan menuang minuman ke dalam gelas. Nasi yang tumpah tidak dihiraukan. Viva beberapa kali memandang ibunya, kemudian ayah dan akhir sekali wajah datuknya.

Dia tidak bertanya, cuma tersenyum selalu bagi menyatakan rasa seronok duduk bersebelahan datuknya di meja makan. Lelaki tua itu juga tidak tahu kenapa anak menantunya tiba-tiba

Esok Viva buang pinggan kayu tu, nak buat apa?" kata Viva pada
ayahnya selepas makan. Arwan hanya mengangguk, tetapi dadanya terus sebak.

Moralnya: errr...pikirlah sendiri. Takkan tak tau lagi kottttt.....
Life's like that

I had a long conversation with a friend, Obi about Open Source and how it can benefit other people and why there are still kind people out there who are willing to crack their brain out to create such a beautiful application like Open Officeand distribute it freely when they can make big bucks out of it. Thanks Obi for explaining it in great details to me. Now, I understand.

Yesterday I had a mid term exam. It was Pengajian Malaysia. Luckily my lecturer gave us some really nice tips. It took me 45 minutes to answer all questions. I even managed to had a quick lunch 15 minutes before the exam begin. After exam, I went to Shah Alam to meet my best friend. We had a long chat at Giant Shah Alam's food court. It was interesting to know that the Arab looking guy who used to sell the best Yee Mee in Giant Hulu Klang had moved to Shah Alam. It was irritating to see how he served the customers. We were treated like a beggar (maybe I'm the one who felt that way) and the quality of his Yee Mee has dropped. Too bad, he used to make really tasty and yummy Yee Mee. Maybe we could try to make our own home made Yee Mee. Here's the link to the receipe of Yee Mee

After that, we went to a mamak restaurant and continue our chat over a glass of teh tarik. Fuhh..best.

At 9pm, I rushed back to KL to pick up my friend. Send her to my manager's house. I have to wake up really earlu tomorrow morning to send her to Serdang. She'll be attending a course for a week. I hope it won't be raining in the morning or it will be really sucks not to be able to stay long in bed.......

p/s: Tgh download OpenOffice. Nak try best ke tak. Luckily I have a broadband service at home or else, can't imagine how long will it take to download the whole bulky file.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Open Source Free Seminar

It was raining heavily this evening. After finish my duty at the kindy, I rushed back to the office. Picked up my two friends and send them home. Kg Bharu's road was terrible. We were on the road for almost an hour. Dropped her off, quickly rushed to Putra Damai LRT Station. It was 6.50pm. Damn. I'm gonna be late for the seminar. It starts at 7pm. The last time I had a ride on the lrt was few months ago. Thank God I have the Malay Mail with me. It accompany me throughout the journey.

I arrived at KL Sentral station at 7.10pm. I asked the officer of Putra for the direction to Plaza Sentral. Great, it is only behind the station. I walked as fast as I could. The rain had stopped and the road was wet. I stepped into the lift at 7.20pm, there were 4 others who were also heading towards the seminar. I was greeted by the KMDC staff at the entrance, registered myself and paid RM 50 to book a place for the two days Linux hands on workshop which will be held on 6th and 7th of November. Click here for the details

The seminar will starts at 7.30pm. I thought I was late and kinda surprised to knew that only 16 people turned up from 50 who registered for the programme. Maybe open source is still a new environment to Malaysia people. The speaker is Mr Teoh Eng Sin. He was among the devoted Microsoft products for years before his company asked him to try on the open source. He has been using it for almost a year. Only one participant is familiar with Linux (he said Trovalds pronounce it as 'Linix'). The others are microsoft users.

I was eager and excited to see the interface of Linux Operating System for the first time. Huh, it looks like Windows-based. I always thought that Open Source OS means only black screen where you have to type a lot of command. Just like those old days of Dos. But hey, it's also a click away, just like Microsoft product. Mr Teoh showed us the comparison between MS(Microsoft) and OS(Open Source). He also showed us the environment of openoffice and I must admit, I was facinate at the product. I should have learn about this long time ago. The session ends at 9pm. I met Mr Teoh after the session and had a short chat with him about the licensing of Linux (no such thing. It's totally free except if we want customer help, we gotta pay) and I also asked him about the MS latest product which will be launch this November, the Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft Office 2003 and the news that Obiwan Kenobi alerted me at slashdot bout office 2003.

Anyway, the 2nd seminar will be held same place on 23rd October. It's free, seats are limited. First come first serve basis. Hopefully I will be allow to take 2 days leave to attend the Open Source workshop. Can't wait to experience using it. Hey, maybe I'll have two type of operating system in my laptop after that :D

I've received information from the master franchisor of Futurekids Malaysia that we will be starting using Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 next year in our education program. Then, I saw a Microsoft Office 2003 Contestheld by Microsoft to promote its coming Microsoft Office 2003. Free hands on will also be available at several learning centres across Malaysia. Urrghhh...I will have a really tight schedule till end of the year. Not to forgot the final exam also will be around that. I wish I have finished studying. This is getting tougher. Study and work. Need to quickly finish it up.

Oh well, on the way home I dropped by at QC Photo shop (man...the customer service sucks!!) and asked for the priceof the Sony TRV 350. It's RM 1750 at their place. Wow....I should go to Pertama Complex tomorrow and see what's the bargain looks like there. I hope it's cheaper. I really hope to get the camera before 19th October. Then I can test it at one of the kindy's concert that I work with. But I need money and time to upgrade my pc. I need to install firewire port and get additional hard disk to edit the video later. Worst part, the pc is at my brother's house in Klang. Arrgghhh......better get some sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be a tough day..zzzzzzz

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Pelik tapi benar (mungkin tak pelik)

I only went down for dinner at 11pm. Lewat, tapi sebenarnya tak lapar sangat. Sambil tgk tv yg membosankan itu, sembang2 ngan mak. Ntah camne terbukak topik kisah anak kawan dia yg sedang blaja di UPM mengadu yg dia masih taked boyfriend. Dia tanya pada maknye, adakah dia tak lawa sampai takde lelaki yg nak? Thank God I already swallowed half of the fried chicken. Kalau tak, mungkin aku tercekik. Entah brape desibel bunyi gelak yg berjaya aku hasilkan. Kelakar. Memang kelakar. Tapi sedih juga. Sebab kawan2 budak tu mempersoalkan kenapa budak tu tak lawa sedangkan ayah dia hensem. Aikk....ada QC kecantikkan diri pula. Rupanya senario ini bukan baru di IPT. In fact bukan baru di mana-mana institusi pendidikan.

Kata cousin aku, di UPSI sapa buat jualan barangan kecantikkan memang boleh buat duit. Sebab ada pelajar yg sanggup ikat perut utk spend duit mencantikkan diri. Yalah, ratio pelajar lelaki dan wanita di sana jauh. So, siapa cepat dia dapat. Dan ini membuatkan aku terpikir, apa sebenarnya fungsi atau matlamat utama kita masuk universiti? Tapi jgn terkejut. Aku ada kawan yg mengaku, tujuan utama dia masuk U sebab nak cari boyfriend yg berpelajaran tinggi. Yalah, di U le berkumpulnya bakal2 engineer, bakal2 system analyst, accountant dll. Tapi aku juga heran kenapa dia end up dapat boyfriend yg bukan terdiri daripada bakal2 itu.

Jadi, pada yg baru nak masuk ke universiti tu, pikirlah balik apa matlamat anda ke sana. Maybe kita patut usulkan supaya Universiti Mencari Jodoh diwujudkan ataupun program mencari jodoh dilaksanakan sebagai salah satu ko kurikulum di universiti. Well, laman web mencari jodoh pun dah ada. Antaranya yg popular ialah My Jodoh Dot Net

Tentu sesetengah lelaki gelak besar kerana mereka kini jadi bahan rebutan. Mungkin suatu hari nanti akan ada yg sanggup bid paling tinggi utk dapatkan lelaki yg mereka idamkan? Mungkin lelong.com.my boleh membantu.

Monday, October 06, 2003

here's are some links of useful reviews on Sony TRV 355 E (I think I've started to hooked at this model)
Hardware Central

A good website for photographer's hardware need:

This is the tape that is need to record video. Two types of tape: 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

90 Minutes

Digital 8 Metal Particle
60 min in D8 Mode
90 minute LP

Ideal for use with Sony Digital8 Camcorders
High energy metal particles
Depression Surfacing technology
Diagonal orientation for maximized output
Dual Surface base film
Carbonmirror backcoating

Price: RM 59

This one is for 60 minutes

Price: RM 42

Price Source:
Sony Style

Some people claim that these tape can be re-used not more than 3 times. After that, the quality will reduced. Anyone had experience such thing before? How bad is the quality after third time usage?

Hey, I've found a good site for those who wants to buy and sells camcoder in Malaysia
Free Trade Zone

A website of photography in Malaysia. Mostly on SLR cameras.
Photography in Malaysia
Digicam or Digital Video Cam?

I am in the process of searching and surveying on these two item. Main goal: To capture still picture and be able to made video for personal and work purpose. Budget? RM 1k - RM 2.5K

I've been spending time at several stores nearby. Got hooked up at several models and here's are the two models that fits my budget:

Panasonic NV DS 65 RM 2299

User Friendly Features
800,000-pixel CCD for Excellent Picture Quality
Free Style Remote Controller
Progressive Photoshot
Colour Night View
Built-in LED Video Light
Zoom Microphone
Smart Wind Cut
Super Image Stabilizer
10x Optical Zoom & 500x Digital Zoom
Playback Digital Effects

Networking Features
SD Memory Card Compatible
USB Link
WEB Camera Function
ArcSoft Applications Included
DV IN/OUT & Analogue IN/OUT Terminals

Standard Accessories
8MB SD Memory Card
USB Connection Kit
Free-style remote controller with Mic
AC Adaptor, DC Input Lead and AC Main Lead
Battery Pack (Lithium Ion)
infra-red Remote controller
Lens cap
AV cord
Shoulder strap
Head Cleaning tape

or, I can get Sony TRV 355 E for RM 1899


20x Optical Zoom(variable 2.2 - 44 sec)
700x Digital Zoom
Selection of Digital Zoom Ratio(2 Steps)1: 40x/700x (menu)
Zoom Key Lever
F1.6 - 2.4
Focal Distance: f=2.5 - 50 mm
f (35 mm conversion) 42 - 840 mm
Filter Diameter: 37 mm
Super NightShot™
Colour Slow Shutter

Full Range Auto, Manual Dial
Image Device: 1/6" 720H Interlace
Number of Pixels:Gross: 460K; Effective: 290K
Minimum Illumination: 4 Lux (0 Lux using NightShot™ Mode)
Auto White Balance
Shutter Speed: 1/4-1/4000(in AE mode)
Auto Shutter
Program AE (menu and dial)6 Modes: Portrait, Beach & Ski,Sports Lesson, Landscape,Spotlight, Sunset & Moon
Auto non-flicker
Exposure Control Dial (24 Steps)
Backlight Compensation button
Auto Iris Control/Gain Control
Edit search (Cam/VTR)/Record Review
End Search (Cam/VTR)
Interval Recording menu
Wait Time: 30 sec/1 min/5 min/10 min
Record Time:0.5 sec/1 sec/1.5 sec/2 sec
Frame Recording (menu)
Self Timer
Title (Cam/VTR)
Advance Preset Title: Language; English, French, Portuguese,Spanish, Chinese (complicated),Korean
Custom Title: Language; English,Russian, Swedish, Danish,Norwegian, Finnish
Fader: Black, Mosaic, Overlap, Wipe,Monotone, Bounce, Random Dot
Date/Time Auto Indication
World Time (menu)
Camera Noise Reduction
Photo Mode:Interlace (Memory mode)

B/W (0.44 Type 113K dots)

PCM Digital Stereo (12/16 bit)
PCM Mix Balance (menu)
Built-in Microphone with Stereo Electric Condenser
Built-in Speaker with Speaker Volume Control
Hi-Fi Sound Bilingual Switch

Digital8™ and Hi8™/Video8(playback) 8mm backward compatibility
Quick Record Start (Digital8 only)
Fine Synchro Edit Ready (Hi8 only)
Clear Frame Still, Slow (with remote)(Digital8 only)
Frame Advance with remote
LP Record (menu) (Digital8 only)
Auto LP Playback
TBC On/Off Switch
DNR On/Off Switch
Date Search (with remote)(Digital8 only)
Colour On Screen Display
Zero Set Memory with remote(Digital8 only)
Linear Time Counter (Hi8 only)
Time Code (Digital8 only)
Data Code (Digital8 only)
Digital Program Editing to Tape and Memory Stick™ (Digital8 only)
Signal Conversion Function (Digital8 only)
Playback Zoom - x5 variable(Digital8 only)
PAL Playback on LCD only(Digital8 only)

Video In/Out (Special)
S-Video In/Out
Audio In/Out (Special) (Stereo)
i.LINK™ DV In/Out
External Microphone Input(Stereo Plug-In Power)
LANC (Mini-Jack)
USB Terminal

2.5" LCD Monitor
Pixels: 123,200 Dots
Mirror/Upside Down
Brightness Control (menu)
Colour Control (menu)
90¼ Opening Angle
Turning Angle: 90¼ Clockwise 180¼ Counter Clockwise,0¼ Monitoring
Noiseless Still/Slow
Tape/Battery Remaining Indicator
Anti-Glare Treatment
Anti-Fingerprint Treatment
Backlight Brightness Select(Normal, Bright, Menu)

Camera/VTR common: Zero Set Memory
Camera/VTR/Memory Common:Display
Camera: Record, Start/Stop,Zoom, Photo
VTR: Playback, Stop, FF, REW, Frame (+/-), Pause, Slow, x2,Search Select, Search, Data Code
Mode: VTR 2 only

Built-in Light
Remote Sensor/Remote On/Off switch (menu)
Beep Sound/On/Off Switch (menu)
16:9 Wide Full/Menu
Menu Button
Front Tally On/Off Switch (menu)
InfoLITHIUM™ System (scramble)
Battery Info
Demonstration Mode (menu)
Weight (without tape/battery):830 grams
Power Consumption:
VF: 2.9 watts
LCD On: 3.8 watts
VF + LCD: 4.0 watts

Dimensions (WxHxD/mm):89 x 101 x 199
Digital Effects: 6 Modes: Still,Flash Motion, Luminance Key, Slow Shutter, Trail, Old Movie
Picture Effects: 8 Modes: Slim, Stretch, Mosaic, Solarization, Monotone, Sepia, Negative Art and Pastel
USB Streaming

AC-L15 Adapter
NP-FM30 Rechargeable Battery
RMT-814 Wireless Remote Commmander¨
Stereo A/V Cable
Lens Cap/Shoulder Strap
Lithium Clock Battery Installed
2 "AA" Batteries
PIXELA ImageMixer/USB Driver(CD/ROM)
USB Cable

My main concern is the chosen one must be able to be connected to USB port for video and picture transferring to my PC because I don't have firewire. But I heard, we can install firewire peripheral to the CPU. Any idea what's the name of the hardware and price?

I hate making choice because I hate making the wrong choice but I have to. Can you help me to choose? I've been spending 4 hours till dawn to read reviews on camcoder and I am getting dizzy and confused. Having to choose is difficult. I wish I could just go out and grab one without worrying the significance of it and if I am not satisfy with it, I could just dump it and get a new one. Wish I am that filthy rich!!

p/s: I think I should get one before the mid term exam begin. It helps me to face the exam calmly. I've been thinking bout this stuff for a week and it's driving me nuts. I even dream of this thing. arrghhh!!!

Friday, October 03, 2003

Lama tak jenguk
sibuk memedang. minggu yg memenatkan. Seminggu prepare utk program satu hari yg tak sampai 3 jam. Hari nie ada reporter dari Computimes datang tgk keadaan centre kitorang. Sakan le kitorang menghias. Tapi lueh hati le sebab segalanya berjalan dgn lancar. Mujur student2 semua kasik cooperation. Aduh, ada 3 assignment nak kene submit ahad nie. satu pon tak usik lagi. tak tido le jawabnya malam nie......adehhhh..


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