Wednesday, November 29, 2006

English & Science Camp

Date: 27th November 2006
Time: 8.30 am - 4.30pm
Venue: Dewan Sri Siantan, Selayang

The camp was very successful. Things went smooth from the minute it start till it end. Everyone had so much fun. The best part was not the activities alone but we were able to get all kids to get to know each other and have fun with each other even though many of them have never met before. Then the second best part is when seeing the face of the kids who came without smile and went home with a big grin on their face, saying goodbye to each other, hugging each other before climbing into their parent's vehicle.

The first 30 minutes of the program was the crucial time to warm them up and slowly make them trust us. The kids who refuse to talk or even smile and some of them can't stop putting the sour face mask (probably because they had to woke up early or being forced by the parent to join the camp) slowly relaxed and enjoyed the activities. We are glad that at the end of the program, everyone had a great time learning and playing. We have achieve the program's objectives.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the stories. I was exhausted, my legs ached because standing too long and pity Iskandar who had to drove all the way to Melaka right after the program because he has training programs on the following day (but surely you had so much fun too, eh). I went to bed with a big smile on my face and I believe the kids were feeling the same way too....

Thursday, November 23, 2006


7 days to go....minus weekend and few days off for projects, only 2 days left. Just enough to pack my stuff and said goodbye to my students.

I met an old friend who used to stayed together with me and Zura when we were studying in UTMKL. Not much different, a bit chubby and mature (married look lahhh)....we had lengthy chat during lunch. Plan for a reunion of our house mate probably next year.

Went to MBO Ampang (my current favourite cinema) last Sunday to watch Casino Royale. Park right outside the cinema, free parking, walk to the counter just 5 minutes before the show and manage to grab good seat (third from last). I think that was the first time I watched Bond movie in cinema. I think the new Bond is quite good. The movie overall is very good, worth the time, effort and money.

Currently addicted to a cool digital puzzle game called Pastime Puzzle Deluxe. It was hard for a start but after a few puzzle, can't stop doing it.

Besides now cracking my head to complete the thesis, industrial training report and camps. Really prayed hard to get out of the uni before the UMNO take over was published in the newspaper last Sunday. Duh....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Gath BBQ Raya Ex-MRSM Terendak 95/97

Event: Gath BBQ Raya Ex-MRSM Terendak 95/97
Date: 18 November 2006:
Time: 4.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue: Rumah Shima Afifi di Puchong Utama

Walaupun hujan selebat-lebatnya dan ramai yang sesat, sesat-sesesatnya....(sesat jalan daa..) namun tak mematahkan semangat untuk bersama-sama berkumpul di rumah Shima Afifi di Puchong Utama untuk program Gath BBQ Raya 2006.

Walaupun ketibaan bahan BBQ lambat drpd dijangka, ia tak mematahka semangat yg hadir untuk mengkelepet kesemua makanan sehingga ke titisan terakhir. Terima kasih kpd Ajil yang menyediakan makanan yg menjilat jari, kepada para2 lelaki yang bersungguh2 membakar ayam dan hot dog serta tuan umah, Shima dan Radzi yang tak jemu2 memberi petunjuk arah kpd yg sesat di pangkal jalan serta menyediakan tempat pertemuan kali ini. Harap2 jiran sebelah tak komplen ek sebab masing2 bising masa acara meeting berdiri di porch luar.

Semoga dapat jumpa lagi dengan ex-TDK yg lain yg tak dapat join kali ini

Untuk koleksi penuh foto gath, klik sini.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The ShawShank Redemption

Aku tak bleh nak recall bila exactly aku menonton filem lakonan pelakonan feveret aku, Morgan Freeman tu. Definitely selepas 1994 lah sebab filem itu release in 1994. Baru-baru ni aku teringat citer tu balik kerana scene dalam citer tu yang paling aku ingat ialah si Andy (lakonan Tim Robbins) mencungkil dinding prison tu sedikit demi sedikit pakai tukul kecil yg dia guna utk ukir buah catur. Berpandukan scene tersebut, aku bertanya kepada member2 Forum Cari dan ada yang memberitahu nama filem tersebut ialah The Shawshank Redemption.

The first thing yg aku buat ialah pergi ke Ezy Video dimana aku menyewa VCD selama ini. Terkejut bila diberitahu yg filem tu di banned di Malaysia. Uiksss....pelik. Habis, dimana pula aku menonton filem itu sebelum ini? Mujur ada rakan forum yang bermurah hati memberi link torrent untuk aku download DVD version filem ini yang mana ia mengambil masa seminggu untuk siap sepenuhnya.

Citer ni memang best sebab ia menceritakan bagaimana kehidupan didalam penjara Shawshank dan bagaimana kaitan antara hope dan fear dalam kehidupan kita. Dan lebih best kerana aku terjumpa audio book bagi filem ini.

Lepas ni bleh le layan audio book lak dalam kete sambil memandu. Best....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jokes Of The Day

Apa kaitan gambar-gambar ini? Tatau, baca ini

Mari kita lihat apa kata rakyat Malaysia mengenai hal ini:

Saudagar_mimpi: cadangan2 lain yg boleh dipertimbangkan : main congkak,jengket2,polis sentri,main guli,.........

Houdini: Esok lusa keluar pulak berita... menumbuk sambal belacan tanpa graviti

Nash^Roy: korang jgn tak tau.. bila diorang main batu seremban kat angkasa.. secara tak lgsg seluruh dunia akan terpegun dan terus berminat utk main batu seremban.. bandar seremban akan menjadi terkenal.. acara batu seremban akan dipertandingkan dlm sukan olimpik.. sah2 malaysia menang..tu baru satu dunia tgk.. cuba bayangkan alien2 kat planet lain tgk.. mau kite wat pertandingan batu seremban antara planet.. antara galaksi.. woww.. mmg terer la idea diorang ni..

Jeff Ooi: Glocal means... you get into a global space to play local games.

Palmdoc: The reasoning that the "programme was not borne by the Treasury, but derived by offsetting the purchase of Sukhoi jet fighters from Russia by the Defence Ministry" is just ridiculous. You mean we traded in cold hard cash for a space joy ride? The Russians must be laughing all the way to the bank.

ktak: 18 Russian Sukhoi (Su-30MKM) fighter jets (2003) = US$900 million / RM3.42 billion
Malaysian astronaut aboard a Russian rocket = RM95 million
First Malay astronaut to play traditional Malay children's games in space (2007) = PRICELESS

robin hood
: The experiment is actually a communication breakthrough to invite Aliens from other planets to Malaysia. Visit Malaysia 2020

moo_t: I can imagine this happens :

Russia defense department(RDD) : We are going to give joy ride for 2 Malaysia, since their government pay outrageous price for our aircraft.

Russia Space Agency(RSA) : But those people are dangerous, they want to splash tea around throw stone under zero gravity.

RDD: Don't worry, we will handle it.

RSA: Do you think the RM95 millions worth to risk to lost the WHOLE space shuttle that cost USD$1 billions?

RDD: No, we are no going to send them to space. As soon as those astronauts enter the shuttle, sedate them and we bring them back to ground. The rest will be make inside studio.

RSA : But how do you simulate zero gravity?

RDD : Don't worry, we never short of drugs to create the Zero-gravity hallucination.

j-boy: dear all, i think play mahjong there better la, send them to me for training. including the russian too....plain stupid minister...

Apa kata anda?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Activemind English & Science Camp

Activemind will be organizing English & Science Camp on 27th November 2007, 8.30am - 4.30pm at Dewan Sri Siantan, Selayang. Lots of exciting and fun activities for English and science projects. The most interesting project will be the Volcano. Fee is only RM50 per child. Interested, call 013-384 3484 or email to for details.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ahad lepas sempat kidnap Zura dan anaknya, Aisyah untuk lepak2 di KLCC yang dah lama tak dikunjunginya tu. Slalunya kalau ke KLCC aku ngan Wana akan makan di food court Aseania tapi kali ni aku pilih untuk lepak di food court tengah.

Sedap gak chicken chop yang dibeli dari Skippers nih. Tang chips tu yg tak tahan....

Aisyah, menunggu makanan sampai dengan penuh kesabaran

Akhirnya chips aku jua yang menjadi pilihannya....huwaaa....ganti balikkkkkk!!!

Aisyah gembira kerana berjaya merembat chips dari pinggan aku.

Sukanya naik kete Bg Bird!!!!

Sukarnya nak keluarkan dia dari kereta Big Bird!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Pro Of Being Self-Employed

Soon I will be declaring myself as self-employed. Life must goes on and I thanked Allah for giving me opportunity to venture into other areas after my services with the current company end. I will still be in the education line and this time I can put in 110% of my effort and focus on it. There are several pro of being self-employed that I can predict and plan for myself....

  • No more 8-5 schedule. I can't say no to my dad anymore and giving him excuses not to wake up early in the morning and join him jogging while it's still dark.
  • I can visit the swimming pool when everyone else in the office. Bleh conquer the whole pool for myself...hehehe. Bleh gi gym as well.
  • I can spend more time reading the 1GB of ebooks that I have been downloading for the past 6 months
  • I can spend time doing voluntary works
  • No need to get MC when I'm sick and no need to worry about applying leave
  • I have more time to learn sales and marketing skills which is essentials in todays' business world
  • I can play chess more often and attend any courses during weekdays if it doesn't clash with my upcoming classes and projects
  • Spend more time in libraries
  • Write more books and teaching manuals on IT teaching and chess teaching
  • I can plan holiday easily. No need to join the huge crowd during school holiday or public holiday
  • If I work harder and smarter, I can earn more....goodbye o fix salary
  • I can learn more about trading, stock exchange, unit trust etc..
Banyak lagi......yang penting be positive....yearghhhh

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Change Of Status

Starting 1 December 2006, I will be officially....

I have choice of either doing this:


Which one should I do?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Kursus Abiter Catur

Selama 2 hari berkampung di Unit Sukan di Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan Cochrane bersama 60 guru-guru Kelab Catur daripada pelbagai sekolah dan zon di Kuala Lumpur benar-benar memberi kenangan manis dan ilmu kepada aku. Thanks to Cikgu Suhairi yang sudi membenarkan saya join kursus walaupun saya bukan guru sekolah. Saya perlukan knowledge untuk pengendalian catur bagi kanak-kanak untuk next projek saya.

Sepanjang dua hari berkursus, peserta telah didedahkan kepada pelbagai jenis permainan catur, peraturan-peraturan, cara pengurusan kelab dan banyak lagi. Sangat beruntung bagi saya kerana dapat menyertai program ini yang sangat jarang dikendalikan di Malaysia. Malah kami didedahkan tentang tugas arbiter yakni pengadil bagi pertandingan catur.

Di Amerika Syarikat telah terbukti catur mampu membantu pelajar yang lemah dalam pelajaran dan pelajar yang mempunyai masalah disiplin. Terdapat satu artikel di dalam Readers Digest mengenai usaha seorang guru menggunakan pendekatan catur untuk membantu pelajar yang lembab dalam pelajaran dan pelajar yang mempunyai masalah disiplin. Sebab tu aku join program tu untuk lihat bagaimana konsep tersebut dapat diaplikasikan di Malaysia. Ini kerana saban hari kita melihat bilangan pelajar bermasalah disiplin semakin bertambah. Seperti yang aku citer sebelum ini, ada pelajar tahun 3 yang dah mula 'melawat' balai polis kerana kes-kes mencuri dan sebagainya.

Aku harap projek ini dapat dijalankan dan aku yakin pelajar-pelajar bermasalah ini masih boleh dibantu.


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