Friday, September 30, 2005 games creates violence images? I'm not violance...I only play Super Mario (okay, I admit the Mario Bros a bit cruel when dealing with the enemy, but they only stomped on them, the most....kick the turtle or throw little fires which only burned their furs. Does that made me violence too??) and Bomberman and the most cruel could be The House of The Dead (but they are already dead, however hard the bullet hitted them..they just died again. Not that really hurt compared to the first time!)

The Star: Much ado over nothing?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some photos using Macro mode on my beloves Panasonic Lumix FZ3....

My macro skill require more practice.....

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Personal Gaming History - Part 2

While studying in CBN for 3 years, I hardly spent much time on game. Most probably because of my pack schedule with school activities and preparing for PMR. I hardly able to recalled among the games that I played during those period of time.

After PMR, I went to MRSM Terendak. It was 2 years of life without games. Not computer games or even video games. I learnt BASIC programming in MRSM but hardly had interest in it. Maybe because of tight schedule in boarding school and we were not allowed to have a pc in our own room.

After SPM, my gaming era reborn. With the RM1000 that I won through an essay writing competition just before SPM, I bought a new set of pc. I entered UTMKL and met a new friend whom later became my best buddy and my game partner. Zura and I spent hours on the machine playing games such as The House of The Dead, Jazz Jackrabbit, and few more. Low Yatt Plaza and Imbi Plaza were among our favourite hang-out. Besides looking for new games, we also loves to tried out new software.

I just loved when the blood shot out when the bullet hit them hard.....urghh!

Thanks to Kak Wan who introduced this game to us. Super addicted.

After we leave UTM and both of us separated to our own path, my gaming activity was minimal. Later, JK Rowling's hits series of Harry Potter hitted the bookshelves in every bookstore, and followed by the movies from the books. Of course, the games will definitely appeared. Who else created the games, the EA of course. I started off with Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone, then Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secret and latest in the market, Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban. It took me 2 months to completed the first game and I slowly mastered the skills. The last game, it took me 2 weeks to finished the game. Errr..of course with a little bit of help from some sites that provides the walk-through steps. Certain time, the game went through really hard till I feel like quiting it. But the strong will to see the end of the game pushed my limit and my strength (I wish I could produce the same sthrength with study & work).

Now, I am left without a nice game to played with. After I completed the third Harry Potter's game, my student introduced me to The Sims. I started to like it, and continue with The Sims 2 and the expansion pack, The Sims 2 University. Luckily my laptop supported all the requirements to play those games. Now, I'm waiting for the next expansion, The Sims 2 Nightlife which I heard will be released pretty soon and also the upcoming Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire.

Besides PC games, I also played games on my previous HP Ipaq PDAs. Among the games that I love to play on it were Load Runner (I managed to find slightly newer version that supports Windows Mobile), Lemonade Inc (I learn some business knowledge by selling lemonades), Tennis Addicts and few more. I love the games produced by Hexacto Games Inc that produces many games for pda and mobile phone. Now that I have lost the pda, I have no games to played before I go to bed.

Recently, I read an exciting news in the newspaper. Check this out, the history of Game Boy:

Check out the latest one, Game Boy Micro. looks slighly like the Sony's PSP but this one comes with a build-in battery. Meaning, you can recharge it like a phone. Wow....I want this thing. Besides, the looks is very elegant and according to the review in, the GB Micro's target market are women, casual gamers and those who can't spend hours on gaming every day.

I surfed in the net and found an ads in bout the brand new Game Boy Micro's price is RM 569. Should I buy or should I save more money and get a PDA? PDA means more towards my working stuff and games is just an additional. Not that many good games can be played on a pda. But Game Boy is a pure gaming machine. But I heard that the catridge is quite expensive. I wonder if there is any pirated Game Boy catridge sold in the market? Yesterday, I peeped at the game shop in Carrefour Wangsa Maju but the new GB was not there yet. It was just released this month.

Hmmm..should I get a GB or should I get a PDA? I think I'll get both. Then I will need the Dockers that has few pockets to keep all my gadgets together. I know, after raya I shall get the GB (hopefully this year's duit raya does not get affected by the increase of petrol price) and maybe middle of next year then I get myself the O2 Mini that I've been eyed for long time. Hopefully by that, the price will dropped below 2K. Especially after the release of the new O2 Exec (yummy!!).

While waiting for me to get the GB Micro, here's a photo of a Game Boy Micro:

Monday, September 26, 2005

My Personal Gaming History - Part 1

I started to play computer games when I was 6 years old. It was my cousin, who bought a computer when she studied in a college. Whenever I slept at her house, I always played at her computer. During those days, the choice were little. I can't recall any of it.

When I was in Standard 3, my school opened up a computer club. Those were the days we learn on DOS system. Lots of prompts. I enrolled and learn my first ever computer programming called Logo. I kind of like it very much because it's drawing programming. But that's not the No 1 attraction to the computer class. It's the games inside the machine that attracted me. During those days, my friends and I were crazy over a game called Load Runner.

A simple DOS game like this already made me so addicted till I even purposely skip religion class just to go to school and play this game.

After UPSR, my parent bought me a brand new computer. I still remember the brand, which I thought already extinct from this world. It is called Sepoms. The machine run on Windows 95. Usually on Friday, I will followed my mom to her office which is located in Bukit Bintang. After a quick breakfast, I will be wondering around Imbi Plaza (Low Yat was not an IT hub in 1993) looking for games to play. There was this shop that sell cheap computer games (piracy was common in those days), only RM10 for 3 games. Bundle price. I will be looking through the box to find games that I like. Oh yes, in 1993 the games were still in the big floppy disk (the one that you can flapped like a fan when the weather is hot). I took care of my games collection carefully. Once, I accidentally banged my brother's head to the wall when he slipped one of the game into the drain after getting it back from his friends.

During that time, console games already existed. Not any Sony or X-Box yet. They are called Micro Genius. Later, newer version called Micro Genius Super King came in.

It was quite expensive. Only two families at my neighbourhood afford to purchase these things. There were two gamepad and the games were stored in a special catridge. Some catridges able to store up to 200 games. Among my favourites are:

Contra and Super Contra

Super Mario Bros

Charlie Circus, Tennis, Ninja, and many more. Most of the days during school holiday I will be in my neighbour's house playing video game from morning until evening before we leave the machine for a game or two of rounders or 'baling selipar'

When I was in secondary school, I hardly have time for video games. Most of the time I spent at home playing computer games. Among my favourites are Prince of Persia (it was really addicted), Gorrila (you use bananas and aim to the gorrila to shoot it down. This was where I learn about angle), and few more...

The early version of Prince of Persia.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Majlis Perkahwinan Murni & Fadhli

Hari ini berlangsungnya detik bersejarah bagi member gua, Murni ngan pasangannya Fadhli setelah letih bercinta selama 7 tahun (iye ke...aku agak2 aje ni). Pasangan pengantin diarak dengan paluan kompang dan kabonye siap ada silat lagi....silat pulut gamaknya. Aku ngan geng2 tak ke depan coz panas (cair make up, kata aishah). So, sambil dok bawah khemah, sambil makan sambil bertukar2 story-mory the morning glory mengenai hal-ehwal budak2 CBN yg lain. Kali nie tak le sekecoh macam kenduri2 yg lain. Maybe sebab tukang kecoh no 1 (sapa lagi, si Yati tu le....Yat) sibuk shooting entah kat mana. Lepas abis bersanding dan makan beradap (letih makan cara nie, confirm tak kenyang), pengantin masuk untuk bersalin pakaian. Kitorang amik kesempatan bergambar kat pelamin dan kemudiannya dijoin oleh pengantin perempuan sendiri. Pengantin lelaki entah dimana....

Kali nie, senarai yang hadir adalah seperti berikut: aku, aishah, mazlina, mas(pengepit...oppss..pengapit Murni), Halimatul (duduk dekat melawati aje, tapi cuma jumpa masa kenduri), Ann, Nik, Azie & Novan, Kelly & Mad, Rina, Maya, Su, Shereen, Sarina, Putri, Juita dan Fari. alamak...ada ke yg namanya tertinggal? Rasanya takde, muka2 nie le yg dok rajin pegi kenduri kawin. diri sendiri ntah bila nak kenduri...wahahahahaha....

p/s: To Awin yang tak dapat datang sebab kursus induksi....rugi lah ko terlepas byk gossip2 hangat..wahahaha !!!!

Huda, Nik, Ann and Azie...aku heran nape dorang segan bebeno nak amik gambo kat dalam umah depan pelamin. Just nak gambo pelamin sipi2 aje....macam-macam....

Gossip apo plak nih? Undian sapa plak kawin lepas nie kott....

lah, sambung plak depan pelamin. ado-ado ajolah engkorang nih...

acara wajib setiap kali kenduri.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Image hosted by

Macam-macam ada....macam ini pun ada. Tak cukup duit untuk budget anto ke angkasa kot. Apalagi....cargas. send your votes!!!

The Star

Saturday, September 10, 2005

One of the skill that I am proud of is to be able to have 2 best friends at one time. Many people says that I am really good at making and entertaining friends, regardless of new or old friends. Having a best friend or two in my life in priceless and I appreciated it more than money can buy. But in today's world, the term 'best friend' is almost extinct and some claims that it hardly visible at all. There's only good friend who will be by your side when they need you or when you are happy. There is no such thing as good friend who will be with you when you are sad, you need help and etc. I am lucky that I am still able and given the opportunity to have 2 best friends.

When the world is getting older and human's life are a whole lot better and more sophisticated than before, it seems that best friend is hardly to find. More people do not believe in best friend. And these people will look at best friend differently, the dark side of it. And I always hate people who misinterpreted bestfriend to something else. If you happened to be the unlucky one not been given the taste of having a best friend, please do not mess with other people's relationship. Learn to be a good friend and you might be given the opportunity to have a close friend and perhaps, a best friend who knew you in and out..some times more than your parents.

To my 2 best friend, I thank God for giving me this golden opportunity to have both of you in my life. To the smelly person who smells us differently.....get a life!

Pic Source:

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Oh! Jeritan batinku
Namamu selalu

Sehari kurasa sebulan
Hatiku tiada tertahan
Ku pandang kiri
Ku pandang kanan
Di kau tiada...
Batinku menangis risau
Makin kau jauh
Makin hatiku bertambah kacau
Mengapa kita berpisah
Tak sanggup menahan asmara
Oh! Dengarlah
Jeritan batinku

Friday, September 02, 2005

Album Afdlin Shauki: Fuyoo!

Source: The Malay Mail

Aku mendapat maklumat mengenai Projek Afdlin Shauki Dah Hilang Akal menerusi seorang blogger melalui Menurut Afdlin Shauki melalui blognya Afdlin Shauki : Inside My Head, beliau frust dengan marketing yang dilakukan kepada albumnya berjudul Fuyoo. Ramai peminat yang cuba mendapatkannya di kedai tetapi gagal. Lalu Afdlin melancarkan projek ini yang dinamaka Afdli Shauki Hilang Akal dimana beliau meminta sesiapa yang ingin mendapatkan album Fuyoo supaya emailkan butiran peribadi kepada beliau dan beliau akan poskan album tersebut samada CD atau kaset. Ternyata ia mendapat sambutan ramai.

Aku pun tak ketinggalan mencuba nasib. Coz mende nie selagi stok masih ada, kalau ada, ada le. Memandangkan aku email pada Afdlin pon agak lewat dari dateline yang diberi, just tried my luck.

Hari ni aku masuk ofis setelah bercuti selama seminggu sepanjang cuti sekolah, aku dapati ada bungkusan sampul kuning diatas meja. Takde setem. Sapa pulak? Bila dibuka, mak aihhh, album Fuyoo ler. Tak sangka le dapat. And memang dlm email tu aku suh dia anto by hand aje coz ofis dia Cuma selang 6 pintu dari ofis aku.

Ni rupa bahagian dalam CD. Ada 2 cd rupanya iaitu CD Audio dan VCD Pembikinan Album.

Ini rupa CD Audio yang mengandungi 17 track.
Ini pula rupa VCD khas berkenaan pembikinan album Fuyoo.
Buku lirik pun diberi sama. High quality. Very impressive.
Lagu yang berjaya menarik perhatian aku. Best lagu ni, especially dengar masa memandu. Easy listening and relaxing.
Videoclip pembikinan album Fuyoo. Pemandangan atas bukit tu macam familiar aje.
Rasa2 macam kat belakang Carrefour tu.
Setelah mendengar lagu2 dalam album ni, aku rasa lagu2nya tak le teruk sangat sampaikan takleh nak market dalam pasaran. Ada kualiti dan lagu2nya not that bad. Ada several good songs yang mana aku tak penah dengar di radio. Lagu2 dr soundtrack Buli pon ada juga.

Aku respek kat mamat nie sebab sanggup amik risiko dengan mengedarkan albumnya dahulu dan menunggu pembayaran kemudian. Itupun kalau orang bayar le. Menurutnya, bayar le berdasarkan berapa yang kita rasa layak untuk kualiti albumnya. Kalau seposen, seposen lah. Kalau ikut harga pasaran, CD adalah RM35. Cuma dia kata, kalau kita taknak simpan album tu, jangan pass pada orang lain. Sebaliknya hantar le ke pusat kitar semula untuk di recycle. Risiko besar juga teknik beliau nie, tapi takkan nak tunggu syarikat yang diamanahkan untuk pengedaran album yang akan bergerak. At least melalui teknik ni, dia leh test samada cara itu boleh dipakai atau tak.

Anyway, I think the album worth at its price. Don’t worry abg Afdlin, nnt saya anto duit by hand aje le. Bleh sign album nie skali yek, bak kata beliau…ia akan jadi collector’s item bila dia sudah tiada nnt. Cuma aku terpaksa convert ke mp3 utk aku dengar dlm kereta memandangkan kereta aku takde cd player. (cucuk mp3 player yg saiz thumbdrive tu ke FM Transmitter dan transmit ke radio mengikut frekuensi tertentu). Antara lagu yang aku suka dengo ialah Sampai Bila, Waras (tema filem Buli), Daku Percaya, Tiada Lagi dan Bukan Cinta.

All the best Afdlin Shauki…..bila le Buli Balik nak ditayangkan di pawagam???


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