Sunday, October 30, 2005


As I was waiting for a kindergarten's owner to issue me the last payment for computer class for this year, I was amazed by this little girl. She sat quietly all alone on her bed and looked at me. As I sat at the stair nearby holding my handphone, she tried to stand up and I think it's her first trial of standing by herself. check out this video. It was recorded early this week, but it took me quite some time to find a software that could convert 3ggp files (video recorded from handphone) to avi (if you need the software, do let me know)

click on the link below the photo:

Click here to watch 'Malaysia-Boleh'

Upload Video and Images - Putfile : Credit to Tukangtaip for exposing me to this cool filehosting.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


I woke up slightly early than usual. Coz I need to catch up with my best buddy at Terminal Putra before she headed home for raya celebration with her family in Kuantan. I need to send something to her.

I leave home at about 8am, thinking that the road will still be packed with people who are still working on Saturday (private sectors) but I was wrong. Right from Jalan Genting Klang up to Jalan Pekeliling, it was so smooth. It was nice to drive on early morning while listening to raya songs on the radio.

I arrived a bit early. I waited for her for about 20 minutes while taking the opportunity to reply few raya cards which I received this year (heck, I even received one from a Ketua Pemuda Umno cawangan somewhere in Selangor. I wonder how did he get my address) with hope that it will arrived to the receiver before they return to KL.

After meeting her, saying goodbye, hugging and asking forgiveness, I left the place with a bit sad. It would be fun to be able to take the ride back to hometown (which I had few times when I was studying in MRSM Terendak). The feeling of joy and excited going back to kampung is somewhat precious. I have never feel such thing. Coz I don't really have a proper kampung (except kampung Gombak which the house had been demolished for years and the new house is yet to be build).

I drove back to Wangsa Maju. Did my last banking activities before the bank close for Deepavali and Hari Raya break (it was packed with customers which I have expected) and later headed towards Ampang Point. Hmm..when was the last time I stepped into this place? Can't remember. It's still the same old place. The most difficult place to find a legal parking lot. But luck was on mu side. I managed to get a nice park, few steps from the building and the best part, under a nice and cooling shade.

I went straight into the building, to the post office. Bought a few stamps, post the raya cards (with prayer that it will reach on time) and anxiously looking for the Payless bookstore (a second hand bookstore). After searching for it from one level to another, finally...on the first level. Ahhh...the aroma of books. Sniff...Sniffff....aha, John Grisham. Just what I need. After comparing the price of the hardcover books with the paperbacks, I decided to take tha hardcover. Yes, they are bulky but the price is same. One or two books are only available on hardcover. But hey, it's a great bargain. The books are still in good condition and each cost around RM15-RM18 only (a brand new hardcover of John Grisham's book cost more than RM70).

After picking up 4 titles which are still not in my collection, paid them and do bit of shopping for toiletries...went home. Helping mom with preparing food for berbuka puasa, went into my room and start to flip on the first book. Oppss..I should be saving this for my whole week of Hari Raya break. Ahhh....never mind. I still have plenty to read.

Photo taken with my new raya handphone, Nokia 6630

So, my hari raya activities will be:

  1. sembahyang hari raya
  2. watch tv from morning until evening (damn, out 4 years old cap ayam television already kaput. The technician from nearby electric shop said they could only fixed it and return it by Monday. We are now flipping through Carrefour catalogue and Courts Mammoth catalogue in case the tv cannot be repaired)
  3. night, the usual annual activity. Our first family gathering at my aunty's house.
  4. shopping and ronda2 in KL with my cousins
  5. play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and The Sims Nightlife
  6. Read John Grisham's books
  7. Read previous The Star's subscription from e-browse
  8. format my laptop (curse to all spyware out there)
  9. photography activities
  10. trip to Bukit Tinggi with my 3 other CBN's friends who also celebrating raya in KL


I wish to take this opportunity to wish all my friends and my blog visitors, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. May this Raya bring us joy, happiness and blessing.

Card courtesy from: Salamria

The Isetan KLCC store manager has finally called me yesterday to inform me on the result of the investigation on the incident. He admitted that the guards did bashed the guy on purpose because he could no longer hold his patience on that guy. The manager apologize and will assure that it will not happen again and he will send the guards for training all over again.

About the website, the management will be launching their own Isetan KLCC's website in March 2006.

He apologized and thanked me for reporting the incident. By looking at what happened and the way the manage the website, I think the manager is probably not an experienced manager. As simple as website content (even a kid nowadays know how to create and know what to put into it) could not be handled properly. Maybe he's having a vacation while working in Malaysia. I am hoping to see a real Japanese working attitude in him and his entire Isetan KLCC's team. He also should learn on how to show grattitude towards customer who took the trouble to help them improve their service. They should learn from Teppanyaki (TukangTaip's case) and Maxis (Jeff Ooi's case)

Anyway, Case closed.

p/s: Out of sudden, I remember few photos that I took in mid of 2004 when one of the letter on the Isetan's outdoor signboard blowed out and leave out only this:

It took them quite some time to replace the bulb.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I tried to send this complaint email but could not find the right email address or fax number of Isetan KLCC. If you happen to know, please let me know....


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this email to complaint about a horrible incident that occured in the Isetan KLCC store at the 3rd floor (near supermarket). This incident happened at about 9.20pm on 25th October 2005.
My friend and I was searching for some items in Isetan. We planned to do our last Hari Raya shopping in Isetan before my friend return to her hometown this weekend. We were very excited and happy and was busily looking for items in the store that attracted us.

As both of us walking towards the supermarket, I overheard a Malay guard talking to his walkie-talkie about a guy wearing green t-shirt who was walking besides me. I looked at him and heard the guard said something about too many customer in the store at that time. I left my friend there and went into the supermarket to buy a battery.

When I left the payment counter, I saw my friend was in shocked. She told me the whole incident that happened right after I went into the supermarket. My friend is a soft-hearted person and seeing violence act right in front of her eyes really scared her out.

The green t-shirt guy was held by the guard and pushed towards the bedsheet corner. At the main area, two guards were bashing the guy right in front of my friend, right in front of customers. The guard not only slapped him, but also kicked and hitted his head with the walkie-talkie many times. The guy tried to defend himself but he was to weak.

A chinese family with their kids were watching it with horror on their face. When the guards realized that many customers were watching them, they pushed the helpless guy between shelf and continue to bashed him. My friend could only see walkie-talkie up and down on the guy's head. The guy seems helpless and didn't fight back. I suspected the guy is a drug addict because he looked pale and dirty.

My friend who was shocked to see the terrible incident right in front of her eyes could not bare to stay there and we had to forget all about the shopping plan. I was so angry. Why can't the guard solve the problem somewhere else? I'm sure they have a special room where such thing could be handle without doing it in front of customers. Imagine what the kids could think of when seeing the violence right in front of their eyes.

This is ISETAN we are talking about, not some Petaling Street hawkers. We always thought that shopping in Isetan is among the best experience and we always feel safe in here. Not anymore. The guard's low attitude has tarnished the good name of Isetan. I'm not sure how many actually saw the incident but if the foreigners saw the incident, what will they be thinking about the attitude of guards in one of Malaysia's most popular shopping place?

I demand explaination over this incident. I want to know why are the guards allowed to kick and punch people even if the guy did wrong. They should leave that to the police. Do they have the right to make the judgement on the guy? It was such a waste of time, waste of parking fee as we had to go home without doing any shopping because we felt disturbed very much by the incident.

Besides that, I also would like to complaint about the Isetan's website for Malaysia. It is so dull and as simple as the store's address, contact number and email address could not be found in the website. This shows how unaware the store are compared to other stores which even updated the website regularly with news on latest event and shopping news.

Even finding the right place to lodge this complaint is so troublesome. I have to cc this email to KLCC customer service in case this complaint does not reach the manager of Isetan KLCC.

Please take this complaint seriously. If you need further information, I can be reach at 013-xxx xxxx.

Shocked customer,


Give you own opinion about this incident.

UPDATE (11.44pm) : I received a call from Isetan KLCC's personnel this afternoon confirming that they have received the complaint and will investigate the matter. They will also inform me about the result. Thank God, I thought my email will reach to nowhere. The contact us form in the Isetan Singapore's website bounced back (they should fired their webmaster), the Isetan Malaysia's website is totally rubbish and luckily an Isetan club in Japan called iclub response to it and help to past the message to Isetan KLCC.

Email from the Foreign Customer Service:

I CLUBForeign Customer Service
Shinjuku Isetan3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 160-0022Tel: 03-3225-2514 Fax: 03-3225-2513
Dear Ms. Sherrina Kl,We received your important mail, and we understand how bad and unpleasanttime you had in KLCC.We take it very seriously, and accordingly we forwarded your mail to themanagement staff of KLCC,who reports it to the store director.So please wait for his contact with you soon.In case we can be any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely yours,
Foreign Customer ServiceManager
Mikio Takai

p/s: look at the phone number in the email above, is it local phone number or Japan's phone number?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ape pulak main tag-tag nih? permainan baru ke? ada2 ajelah ko, faruq . Well, here it goes:


7 things I can do:
  1. main PC games non stop selama 6 jam (more than that, kaput)
  2. Kelentong orang (sori le pada kengkawan yg slalu sgt senang2 kene kelentong ngan aku)
  3. work closely with children (better than working with adult)
  4. Lepak di Kinokuniya sorang2 untuk habiskan 1 buku
  5. Derma darah
  6. Swimming, diving and snorkeling
  7. Photographying interesting event, scenery, person or object

7 things I cannot do:

  1. Exercising (liat bebeno)
  2. Keje ngan gomen (I can't stand with the punch card system)
  3. Menulis dengan tangan kiri
  4. Sepak bola dengan kaki kiri
  5. Makan sambil duduk bersila dan pinggan diatas lantai (kalau makan style ni, kene angkat pinggan. kalau tak, lantai le yg makan nasi)
  6. Pakai high heel (sakit tumit, sakit pinggang)
  7. Bawak motor (gayat tapi nak amik lesen motor)

7 things I plan to do before I die:

  1. Bertaubat sepenuhnya memohon keampunan dibersihkan dari segala dosa
  2. bayar segala hutang piutang
  3. menunaikan haji
  4. jadi bilionnaire dan bina pertubuhan kebajikan sendiri
  5. round the world
  6. join team National Geography amik pengalaman photographying

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

  1. brain
  2. character
  3. sense of humor
  4. non-smoker
  5. heart
  6. sensitive
  7. look (who can deny)

7 celebrity crushes:

  1. Dennis Quaid (after watching him in The Day After Tomorrow)
  2. Ashraf Sinclair (after 1st time watching him in Gol & Gincu)
  3. Nicholas Saputra (I even order vcd of his movies directly from Indo coz it's not available in Malaysia)
  4. Dian Sastro (I've have the collection of all movies acted by her)
  5. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

7 often repeated words:

  1. Ci***ak (sorry, some curse words for idiot drivers)
  2. sorry...sorry...sorry...(lambat dtg, terlanggar org waktu berjalan dll)
  3. ohhh...okay..
  4. nanti le fikir dulu
  5. aku no hal
  6. on the way, dah nak sampai dah ni (bila janji nak jumpa ngan org tp lambat)
  7. sukatilah, gua belasah aje

7 tags (buat-buat, jangan x buat!):

(payah gak nak cari 7 org coz blog2 yg dlm bookmark aku mostly yg story hal2 serious aje. no hal, korang leh lawat blog2 dorang ni....kira mcm buat promo blog le....cheewah)

Need help from the Dr Love?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Here's some photos of my students at Athfaal Kindergarten, the kindy that I always look forward to go to every week to teach them on computer subject. This kindy is among the famous on in Keramat area, usually by October or November new enrollment is almost full. Some parent even booked a place for their child a year in advance.

The cute and brilliant twin.

He is among the most creative student.

The bubbly and the talkative

Abscent from school is very very rare on computer class day

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Marilah kita menunaikan zakat fitrah, senang nak melaksanakannya. Di Carrefour Wangsa Maju pun ada....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Cuti sekolah antara waktu2 yang dinantikan oleh sesapa sahaja yang involve dengan industri pendidikan. Lebih-lebih lagi guru coz dapat le merehatkan minda sebelum persekolahan tahun baru bermula.

Dalam keadaan beberapa minggu aje lagi sekolah akan berakhir, memang sibuk dengan pelbagai tugas. Update kerja2 student, print out sema keje2 dorang, prepare report and failkan semuanya untuk disampaikan pada ibu bapa menjelang Parent Day nanti.

Dalam seronok2 nak bercuti, rasa sedih gak. Sebab tak jumpa dah student2 yg telah diajar especially yang berusia 6 tahun kerana akan naik ke sekolah rendah. Most of the time, hanya photos ajelah tanda kenangan. Seronok juga bila sesekali terserempak ngan ex-students di pasaraya.

Ni le antara student2 yg aku ajar. Yang kekadang menyebabkan bloos pressure aku naik, yang kekadang buat aku kesian. Nakal budak, nakal mana sangat. Kepayahan mengajar dalam tempoh 6 bulan pertama akhirnya terbalas bila melihat dorang dah familiar dan faham dengan apa yang diajar. Dalam minggu2 terakhir nie, biasanya hanya buat aktiviti2 utk menguji kefahaman mereka dalam apa yang telah mereka pelajari. Most of the time, puas hati dengan hasil yang ditonjolkan. Tak sesia masa dan tenaga.

I'm going to miss them so much.....

Yang duduk pakai baju pink tu antara student yg paling outstanding walaupun mula kelas lambat dari yang lain-lain.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Semalam havoc habis berbuka puasa di Kelana Seafood Bandar Tasik Permaisuri (aiseh, aku silap pi booking kat Kelana Seafood Kelana Jaya daa..mujur kat BTP ada meja kosong lagi). Yang turut serta kali ni adalah aku, Mas, Wana, Nadia, Awin, Nerul, Mie ngan Radzi. Sampai di Kelana kol 6.45, kol 7 orang dah berbaris dah menceduk lauk. Dengan harga buffet RM35++ (bout RM43 nett kalau tak silap), kira berbaloi le melihatkan meja kitorang yg paling penuh lauk. Sampai si Radzi melawak nak sambung 2 meja. Cess....

Nerul, Mie ngan Radzi yang malu2 kambing melihat makanan yang mencecah hujung meja.

Awin dan Nadia melantik diri sendiri menjadi tukang menghidang lauk. Aku sound awal2, tak abis karang bayar le dendanya. Kene denda woo kalau sengaja membazirkan lauk. Aku sempat turun ke kawasan gerai2 yg menyediakan BBQ dan satey. Sempat amik ketam bakar dan kambing panggang (sedap giler kambing panggang).

Ketam panggang.....jenuh nak ketuk ngan penukul ketam

Udang yang sedap, sambalnya sedap hingga menjilat jari.

Inilah hasilnya setelah melantak habis-habisan

Selepas melincinkan semua lauk yang terhidang, kami tibai dessert plak. Fuhh, sedapnya ABC sindiri bikin. Mujur tak cedok jagung tu semangkuk, ingatkan bubur jagung. Rupanya lauk utk ABC....

Bakal2 jejaka Mencari Cinta musim kedua (kalau ada lagi le)

Bangkrap Kelana Seafood kalau hari2 muka nie yang datang makan...

Friday, October 07, 2005


Hari nie aku berbuka posa ngan member di satu restoran di AU3 Taman Keramat yang aman dan tenteram (hanya 3 meja aje yg occupied by customer) dan dapatlah kami menikmati hidangan ini dengan penuh nikmat.

Teh tarik...aiseh, itu buih teh ke buih sabun.

Sambal belacan kalau takde, tak umphh..

Ikan Siakap masak 3 rasa. Sedap sehingga ke tulang yang terakhir.

Tauhu masak amende ntah, aku slalu lupa namanya....


Ni adalah gambar seekor ular sawa yang meletup perutnya apabila cuba menelan seekor buaya.

Ni pula keratan akhbar mengenai tragedi ini. Aku cuma sedikit konpius mengenai apa mende yg terjulur keluar kedepan tu (anak panah merah). macam ekor buaya tapi ekornya kat belakang. Pastu keduduka ular tu pulak agak pelik, macam ular tu cuba baham buaya tu dari tepi, bukan dari depan. apa mende tu yek??? Dr Dobot...meh le jawab persoalan yg terbuku di kepala aku nie sampai hilang selera aku nak buka posa (yelah tu!)

Updated (9/10/2005)

Thanks to semua yg response pada topik nie. akhirnya aku paham juga. Arrow kuning menunjukkan yg itu ialah ular sawa (mak aii...spesis mutan ke punye beso gedabak ular nie. Kalau telan orang, ntah2 sedut macam pakai straw aje) dan yang circle biru tu pula ialah perutnya yang terburai akibat dikuis dek kaki boya yang nyawa2 ikan tu. Itulah dia, ular tamak selalu rugi. Malas nak bersahur sebulan le nie.......

Celcom Careline vs Maxis Careline
I need to get info on the 3G charges from both telco. I called Celcom careline and the person in-charge gave me all the details that I need as if the info is just at the tip of her finger. Cool!
I called Maxis and I received lots of err...and err...and hold on, ma'am. Let me check, ma'am. Can I call you back once I get the info, that will be easier for you, ma'am....
apadaa...dey Maxis, apa nie...tarak send your staff for 3G briefing ka????

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Last Trip To Low Yat (before Ramadhan begin)

My friends and I went to Low Yat Plaza last Tuesday to get a laptop. Both of them had just enrolled in Open University and need a laptop to do assignments and study. We went to a shop, Acer brand seems among the cheapest one. With RM 2888, one can get a good Acer laptop with Pentium M processor (1.6GHz if I'm not mistaken). After checking a few model, he decided to get an Acer which is a Pentium Centrino with DVD writer (seems most of Acer's laptop are bundled with DVD-RW, no more DVD-CD/RW like what I got during PC Fair last year).

At the same time, I tried to nego on a cool Targus backpack for my laptop. My shoulder can't take the weight of my Asus laptop anymore with the old, sling bag. I really missed my previous HP backpack. It was nice and comfortable to use. After nego for a while (I told the salesman I'm the one who recommend my friend to buy the laptop at his shop, so I should get a good offer for myself as a reward...actually, I didn't recommend anything at all.....hehe), he's willing to let go a Targus backpack which was tag as RM250 and after discount, RM 180. Oklah, not bad. Before that, I went to several shops to check out the price and none could give me that price. So, I went back and paid for the bag.

After that, I went to Sri Komputer to get a gamepad which I have been wanted so long. Thanks to Keen for giving me some ideas bout gamepad and C-Fu too for giving me brief info on how to set control for gamepad. I would love to have a nice gamepad like the PS2 one, but I didn't dare to invest so much money on it. Afraid that it won't work on my PC. So, I ended up buying this cheap gamepad for the price of RM25 (ask for discount and tokey gave me RM23)

Later at night, I went to my favourite software shop in Wangsa Maju to get Emulator games. Got this one which is cool...I get to play those games that I used to play when I was small.

At last, I got to play Super Mario and many more on my laptop with a gamepad. Brings back the sweet childhood memory. I must have been playing for thousands of time, I can still recall most of the hidden mushrooms, the secret gold mine and
Too bad Contra game was not included. This evening I rushed to the shop to get another cd and found one which can work on WinXP. But the graphic was not so sharp.

Hey, I even bought this latest Sims 2 Expansion pack at Low Yat. It is called The Sims 2 Nightlife. Haven't tried it yet, coz it requires the 4th cd from The Sims 2 to update some files. The CDs are now with my students. I need to get it first before I can play. Hmmm..maybe I'll just reserved this one for the long Hari Raya break.
Selamat Berpuasa....

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Satu hari yang sudah berlalu, aku mengajar student2 darjah 4 mengenai salah satu topik dalam Sains iaitu mengenai bagaimana haiwan melindungi dirinya. Aku bercerita mengenai bagaimana cicak akan memutuskan ekornya apabila diserang musuh. Aku ceritakan bagaimana ayam akan menyorokkan anak-anaknya dibawah kepak dan membuat wajah dan bunyi garang untuk menakutkan musuh. Aku juga berkongsi pengalaman melihat katak yang boleh melakukan teknik 'camouflage' kerana rupabentuknya seakan-akan daun kering.

Selepas penat bercerita, memasing pun mula sibuk bertanya pelbagai soalan. Aku cuba menjawab satu demi satu. Kemudian, aku pulak tanye dorang. "Berikan satu contoh haiwan dan bagaimana ia melindungi dirinya daripada musuh"

Dengan penuh confident, seorang student aku namanya Faizrin pun mengangkat tangan untuk menjawab..."Kuda belang, cikgu" Aku kata, "bagus. Boleh ceritakan bagaimana kuda belang melindungi dirinya daripada musuh?"

Dengan macho, dia menjawab, "Senang je, cikgu. Kuda tu sembunyi le kat dinding yang ada belang-belang. Tentu haiwan lain tak nampak dia sebab kulit dia dah sama ngan dinding tu!!" ....aku terlalu terkesima dengan jawapannya lalu aku kata, "kat mana pulak kuda belang tu nak carik dinding dalam hutan Afrika nun....!!!"

Dengan malu-malu cipan, dia cuma mampu mengatakan "ohhh...kat sana takde dinding ye, cikgu!!" Berdekah-dekah kitorang ketawakannya.......alahai studentku.....!!!

Dan hari ini student aku yang Darjah 5 pulak melawak dengan mengatakan buah kelapa menggunakan haiwan sebagai agen pencarannya (untuk menyebarkan benih) iaitu apabila buaya menelan buah kelapa itu dan membawanya ke tempat lain!!!

Aku tak konfiden budak2 ni layak amik UPSR tahun depan........(pengsan)


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