Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Go Girl!

As I browsed and flipped through the digital version of The Star in TM Net E-Browse, I stumbled upon an interesting article about how a child's bad behaviour reflected the parents' behaviour. As I read through the story until the end, I was surprised to see the writer's name. It's my old schoolmate when I was studying in MRSM Terendak. The last time I chatted with her, she was working with a bookstore and from the article, I guess she is still working in the bookstore.

In the article she mentioned that she had to talked to the children who tried to vandalised the books, I could recalled her high-pitch tone. The kids surely will scared of her. But I guess it's the only way. She's right. We have not yet crossed the line where our people really appreciate books.

To my old friend who used to stayed with me together in the same dorm and lepak together at night while listening to radio, I'm wishing you all the best and perhaps, I'll come over to your store and meet you there. There are plenty to talk about since the last time we met, right after SPM exam almost 10 years ago (my..my...that's almost a decade).

Updated (4th June 2006) : Another bookstore staff replied to her article regarding bad behaviour in bookstore.

Sigh, when will our people learn about the appreciation of books?

Demonstrasi Bantahan Kenaikkan Harga Minyak

Walaupun bantahan kecil sebegini sangat jarang berlaku dan jika terjadi pun, kerat kuku le kerajaan akan tunduk kepada tuntutan tersebut. Apatah lagi ia telah 3 bulan berlalu dan rakyat kini terpaksa meneruskan hidup walaupun perit dan bertambah payah.

Ahad lepas diadakan satu demonstrasi di KLCC bagi membantah kenaikkan harga minyak. Macam biasa, tak ramai yg akan join. Samada kerana tak tahu (spt sherrina) atau kerana takut. Logik juga, bantahan kecil mcm ini pun adegan pukul-memukul antara pengikut demonstrasi dan FRU bagaikan le ia demo yg besar seperti di luar negara. Mungkin kerana jarang berlaku maka FRU mengambil peluang ini untuk mengasah bakat dan skill daripada ilmu dan latihan yang selama ini mereka jalani. Lagipun kan perkara seperti ini jarang-jarang berlaku, sesekali jadi ni lah baru bleh aplikasikan ilmu. Untuk laporan lanjut dan gambar kejadian, lawati blog Screenshots oleh Jeff Ooi.

Bila membelek dan klik di akhbar digital The Star bertarikh 29 Mei 2006, sherrina ingatkan pasti ada laporan besar mengenai kejadian ini. Selain daripada laporan utama mengenai kejadian gempa bumi di Indonesia, hanya artikel kecil sahaja mengenai demonstrasi tersebut:

Alahai kecilnya, tak popular atau sengaja tak digembar-gemburkan?

Berita close-up.

Oh ye, ternyata Polis tak setuju dengan penubuhan IPCMC (badan bebas yang akan menyemak tugas/tindakan Polis) dan mereka mengugut untuk mengundi pembangkang pada pilihanraya akan datang. Artikelnya di sini.

Ye, sherrina setuju dengan tindakan mereka. Polis pun dah fed-up dengan kerajaan, eloklah beri peluang pada pembangkang pula. Rakyat pun fed-up, Polis pun fed-up. Sherrina pun fed-up...

Monday, May 29, 2006

7th Inter-School Scrabble Championship 2006, Final Countdown

I went to Berjaya Times Square yesterday to watched the Scrabble competition but I arrived late. The competition was over and participants were waiting for the result. I got to know about the competition from The Star newspaper and myscrabble's blog.

Participants waiting anxiously for the result.

Judges concentrating hard to get the result out as fast as possible.

While waiting for the result, the organizer organized an Uno Stacko competition.

It sure is tough to play especially on front of large crowd that cheered non stop.

I didn't wait till they announced the result. Check myscrabble's blog to find out about the result. It's sad that not many Malays participated in the competition.

Azizi Ali @ BookFest, KLCC

Last Saturday I visited the Bookfest which is currently going on in KL Convention Centre, KLCC. The main reason why I wanted to visit the Fest on its first day is not because of the discounted books but to hear Azizi Ali's speaking for 1 and half hour at the cost of RM2 only.

My expectation was that the place surely will be crowded before 8.15pm when the program begin but I was wrong. It was less crowded and easy to get seated even though there were not many chairs provided. I arrived at KLCC at about 6.30pm, walking around the fest searching for books (there are plenty of English, Malay and other languages' books even though mostly are Chinese books)for my students. I found that the bargain is better than during Bookfair@PWTC early this year. I bought a CD for Science Form 1 at the price of RM10 (actual: RM29) from Unik Publication, 6 plastics of BM+BI exercise books at RM1/bag, I also dropped by at Erican language to find out more about their Mandarin courses and drank free Vico as much as I can.

The Azizi Ali's program entitled 'Retire Rich' started at 8.20pm. I guess he didn't expected such low turn-up, he looked nervous and startled at the begining. But towards the end, he was actively explained about how to retire rich, shared his experience and also promoted his books and seminars.

Even though the time was so short, I felt glad that I took the time to been there because now I have another list to add in my existing list (besides saving for emergency, buying property etc). Now only I realized that we should plan and put aside money for retirement if we want to retire with enough money to feed ourselves until death.

One of his story that he shared with us during the talk that I remembered till now is:

"My mother is a govt pensioner. 4 years before she retired, she bought a house and took loan. After retired, her pension is RM900 per month. Just nice for a woman who live in small town. But the house loan that she took 4 years before eaten up RM500 per month from her pension. Luckily her son is Azizi Ali, so everything is settle"

If only every parent has a child like Azizi Ali, life surely beautiful, eh? Anyway, hopefully I will be like him too. I wanted to get the Retire Rich book which was promoted during that day but it is out of my budget (RM69, hardcover version). I'll wait for the paperback version. In the mean time, I had read several chapters while relaxing myself at Borders, Times Square yesterday. His theory is surely interesting.

Friday, May 26, 2006


I am looking forward to attend this upcoming bookfest which will kick off tomorrow. Even though it surely will attract many Chinese because there wil be plenty of books for Chinese, but the organizer do consider other races as well.

There will be plenty of activities for all ages and group of interest. The entrance fee is RM2 which is actually a booklet where you can find out which booth offering discounts and offer (I find this very convenient as I can plan what to buy earlier instead of walking at all booth). The best part is there will be a session by Azizi Ali on Retire Rich on Saturday evening. I bet it surely will attract many people who can't afford to attend his hundred ringgit's seminar. I am looking forward to attend his program after my class and to get books and CDs for my students.

Oh yes, there will be plenty of road closure due to NAM meeting on this weekend as well as on next Monday. If you plan to attend this program, better take LRT. Save on parking, traffic jam and other hassle.

Have a nice weekend :)

Wanted: Trainer in AutoCAD & MS Project

Need trainer for AutoCAD and MS Project (intermediate) for training in Selayang area.

Must have experience and relevant skills, cert.

Food will be provided

2 days training

Will be in mid of June

RM800 for the 2 days training

Please email sherrina_kl@yahoo.com

first come first serve

Be Careful

I received this in my email:

For you guys who drives and lazy to hold the petrol nozzle. Please take note.......

A reminder to hold the petrol nozzle at all times. You guys don't be lazy. Always hold onto the nozzle like I did.

My friend stopped for petrol at the Projet Petrol Station (the one) at the Lingkaran Tengah Highway near Gombak) a little over two weeks ago. This was the first time he patronized a Projet station. As his normal practice elsewhere, he put the nozzle on automatic and
stood nearby waiting for his car to be filled up.

Suddenly the nozzle flew out of the gas tank opening with petrol spewing out at high speed.

He was sprayed with petrol all over, including his face and eyes (just imagine the pain in his eyes). His companion quickly brought him to him toilet to wash his face. After that they reported the incident to the staff and asked to speak to the manager.

The manager refused to see them. He only instructed the staff to take my friend to the
hospital. According to the staff that was not the first time the nozzle came out
of the tank while customers are filling up petrol. But my friend's incident was the worst.
The top layer of his right eye was damaged and the area around his eye burnt.

His eye had to be bandaged for 10 days. He was lucky that his eyesight was not affected.
Apparently the nozzle was lighter than normal and the speed of the petrol created a backward thrust that pushed the nozzle out of the tank.

So please be careful.
Share this info with your friends, family &

Doesn't matter if it's true or not, we should be careful at all time when dealing with petrol. As simple as switch off the car's engine before filling the tank and yes, hold the nozzle. I wonder why the manager acted negatively?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


As I was browsing through Din's blog, I stumbled upon his idea to change from his Southern Bank credit card to Citibank. That's where I found a link to Cafe David. Man, this I would say..sangat malang. Good paymaster pun malang, bad paymaster..lagilah....sikit lagi macam Ah Long. Tak sangka le plak Citibank yg slalu dengar hebat2 ni masalah dalaman dia, humang aih. Memalukan. Dlm hal ni, Citibank itself teruk ke pekerja tempatan yg bekerja kat situ yg teruk?


I found this nice excerpt from Autoworld:

First I was dying to finish high school and start college. And then I was dying to finish college and start working. Then I was dying to marry and have children. And then I was dying for the children to grow old enough so I could go back to work. But then I was dying to retire. And now I am dying. And suddenly I realised I forgot to live.

Please don't let this happen to you. Appreciate your current situation and enjoy each day.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

TM Net...Oh TM Net....

I'm an e-browse user for the past 1 year I think. I've been subscribing to English newspapers until recently I found about PC.com digital version. I tried to subscribe to 1 month (RM9) usin credit card but failed. So, I emailed the Customer Care to complaint about the matter:

1. E-Browse username: sherrina
2. Package Subscribe: PC.com
3. Error Message:

We are unable to process your request. Credit card transactions can
only be used for products valued at RM 10.00 and above.

If you have any further queries, please contact support@tm.net.my ,
call 1300-88-1515 or go to the nearest Kedai Telekom.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I want to subscribe PC magazine for shorter period (2-3 months, not 1
year) paid using Credit Card. The problem is, the current offer is 1
month (RM9) or 1 year. I tried to subscribe to 1 month but I get the above
message. Please adjust the system either to accept RM9 for month via
credit card or offer 2/3 months so that the fee exceed RM 10 minimum
purchase using credit card.

I can be contacted at 017- XXX XXXX should you need further

Thank you
CC: PC.com management

After several days without reply, I sent another email to ask why I didn't get any respond.
The PC.com replied my email:

Hi Sherrina,

I apologise for the inconvinience that you had to go through before
your email answered, however I am afraid I will not be able to help you
as I
represent PC.com and I believe the operator of the bluehyppo channel
be in better position to assist you in this. I will try to get in touch
them to see how this can be sorted out. In the mean time you will need
to go
to the nearest bookshop to get your hand on the coolest IT magazine in
Malaysia, PC.com.!

Selva Rajan

Later on only TM Net reply to my matter:

Dear Ms.

Thank you once again for your e-mail to TM Net. Firstly we apologise
for the late reply.

We refer to the above enquiry. Upon checking with the system, we
regret to inform you that payment by credit card can only be done with the
amount of more than RM10. You can either make payment either by
postpaid or prepaid.

Should you require any further assistance or would like to submit any
enquiry/feedback, kindly visit www.tm.net.my and click on Customer

Thank you.

Aaron Wong
Customer Care Support,

Adoiii...small matter macam ni pun payah nak selesaikan. Tambah sahaja satu radio button
for 2/3 months subscription lahhh.....susahnya bolehland nih.

Dear Mr Aaron Wong,

I know that customers will not be allowed to purchase PC.com magazine
via credit card with lower than RM10. That's why I suggest that you add
in another choice of 2 months or 3 months in order to allowed users
who only have credit card to be able to subscribe to it. Not all e-browse
users are TM Net customers. Many of them use the service in the office
or cybercafes. Come out with another solution for this group of user.
As I suggested, increase the month of subscription to 2 or 3 months. I'm
not going to subscribe to a 1 year magazine because I have not seen how
the magazine looks like and if I don't like it, it will be a huge
waste. Unless TM Net can give refund?

If the major newspaper can be offered 3 types of subscribe package, I
don't see what's the bigg fuss to offer the same thing for PC.com. I
hope there's no discrimination in here, eh?

Make it simple, will ya.


TM Net Sdn. Bhd.

Selepas berutus beberapa email, the best and most efficient yg TM Net bleh buat ialah:

Dear Ms. Sherrina,

Thank you once again for your e-mail to TM Net. Firstly, we apologise
for the late reply.

Referring to your enquiry, we understand your situation regarding on
this matter. We have referred this issue to the relevant department.
Thus, you are advised to make the payment either by postpaid or prepaid.
We truly apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Should you require any further assistance or would like to submit any
enquiry/feedback, kindly visit www.tm.net.my and click on Customer

Thank you.

Rosnahni Ismail
Customer Care Support,
TM Net Sdn. Bhd.


Eloklah tu, bolehland...broadband bolehland. I cry for you......Argentina Malaysia!!

p/s: Jika anda plan atau sudah subscribe Streamyx RM20, careful.Kalau tak switch off
modem properly, bil anda akan mengalir seperti air. FYI, RM20 - 10 hours of usage. 5 minit
for additional minute.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Recent Kidnap Case

It was published at the frontpage of today's The Star. A boy was kidnapped from his house in Subang Jaya, believed to kidnapped by his own relative. The kidnapper asked for RM500K for ransom. Not sure what actually happened. The boy's father reported to the police. The boy was killed and thrown into a river in a bag.

This case reminds me of a movie which I watched recently acted by Denzel Washington. It is called Man On Fire. In the story, Denzel Washington worked as a bodyguard to a family. His job is to protect their only daughter. One day, the kid was kidnapped right in front of his eyes and he injured badly. The bad guys shooted him. The family reported to police, plan the ransom. Gave half blank paper, half real cash. Something happened during the transfer of the ransom and the kidnapper killed the girl. The parents's heart shattered to pieces especially the mom. At the end, the kidnapper actually didn't killed the girl, instead hide her. The hero did his job, killed several bastards and rescued the girl by exchanging the girl with himself and the kidnapper's brother.

After watching the movie and reading the news in The Star, I was thinking. If this kind of thing really happened to me or my family (mintak2 dijauhkan), what should we actually do? Will the involvement of the police make the matter worse? Should we play game with the kidnapper by acting smart or just follow the order? I think citizens need to be educated on what to do, how to response if such thing happen and how to avoid it from happening.

Dangers are lurking in every corner and street in our life. Pray to Allah for full protection and hope for the best.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Source: The Star

Could this be the next generation safest car on earth? With all this sophisticated feature, it looks promising as long as you don't take alcohol before driving or too sleepy while behind the wheel. I like the idea where we can check heartbeat via the alarm control to check if there's anyone hiding in the car. With a car like this and yet you still involve in accident, I guess that's just bad luck or God's will.

I bet the price will be...ehemm..choking (except for milionnaires). I always admire Volvo and hopefully able to drive one when I can afford it :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Penjelasan Halal Dalam Bentuk Komik

Bagus kan komik di atas. Mudah untuk menyampaikan ilmu dengan lebih terang dan menarik. Dapat ni dari email. Untuk membaca dengan lebih jelas, klik pada komik tersebut :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Bila akhbar mendedahkan kepincangan pemimpin2 kita drpd yg tertinggi hingga le yg tahap terendah, rakyat mula naik marah. Macam2 tuduhan dilemparkan, suruh letak jawatan, suruh sita semua harta dan lain-lain. Tetapi kita semua maklum akan apa yg terjadi. Samada ia akan dilupakan atau disapu ke bawah karpet, kita tunggu saja lah. Anyway, tak susah. 5 tahun akan datang, rakyat akan pilih pemimpin itu semua setelah diberi sehelai kain pelikat dan sebungkus rokok. Murahnya cara membeli jiwa.

Dan apabila The Star memberikan peluang rakyat meluahkan apa yang terbuku dihati, inilah hasilnya:

Di Malaysia ni ada ke pemimpin yg gentleman? Shahrir Samad le kot sorang. Yang lain...hmmmm....kasik anjing makan lah!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Remembering Prince Naseem

Masih ingat image ini:

aku masih ingat Prince Naseem ini mula menjadi ikon kegilaan kanak-kanak, remaja dan dewasa. Pada aku dan kanak2 lain yg pada ketika itu hanya ikut sahaja trend yg ada. Musim Piala Thomas, masing2 pikul raket badminton dan menggelar diri masing2 Rashid Sidek, Foo Kok Keong dll. Masuk musim bola tampar (masih ingat drama Jepun, Maero Attack?), masing2 menggendeng bola pantai plastik dan mula menubuhkan pasukan bola tampar masing2 siap dengan skill2 bola berpussing, summersault dll.

Kemudian muncul pula Prince Naseem. Tapi aku pasti ketika tu takde pula yang menubuhkan team boxing sendiri. Cuma masing2 akan terpaku di hadapan televisyen bila ditayangkan perlawanan Prince Naseem. Kalau tak silap, dia ada datang ke Malaysia. Image beliau paling popular barangkali ialah gambar diatas. Masa tu masing2 suka le pose gaya gitu. Habis tuala diambil dan dililit lalu diikat di sekeliling pergelangan tangan. Al-maklumlah, nak beli boxing glove tak mampu.

Baru-baru ni ketika membawa The Star secara online, terjumpa artikel mengenai beliau:

Tak sangka ada lagi mamat ni. Maybe by now karier dia dah suam-suam kuku. Tak fofular macam dulu. La ni dah kene jail...Naseem...Naseem...

Ingat dulu lenggok dia di gelanggang. Budak-budak cukup suka meniru gaya dia...hahah...kenangan..kenangan..masa kecik-kecik dulu.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Malaysia Tarak Boleh?

ni gua dapat daripada email. sapalah agaknya yang cipta, aku tabik spring toingg..toingg...sakit perut aku gelak. Ishhhh....gelak kat orang negara aku jugak. Aiyakkk!!!

Homework utk hangpa. Cuba berikan at least satu la perkara/kejadian/berita/insiden yang berlaku di Malaysia yang kira intipatinya macam yg diceritakan oleh gambar diatas.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Tahun 2002 saya terjumpa semula dengan cikgu penolong kanan skolah rendah saya yg ketika itu bertugas di sekolah swasta. saya masa tu ditugaskan mengajar disana. terkejut gak saya sebab yalah, dia bertugas masa saya sekolah rendah. masa saya dah bekerja pun dia masih mengajar lagi. hebat.

saya sembang2 ngan dia dan dia buka citer masa dia jadi penolong kanan di seuah sekolah rendah di kawasan Keramat. masa tu kes curi basikal berleluasa ya amat. dalam masa 30 minit atau kurang, sebuah basikal boleh diubahsuai menjadi basikal lain dengan menukar komponen2 nya dan dicat. supaya takde sapa cam itu basikal yg dicuri. hebat tak hebat.

jadi satu hari cikgu ni round satu skolah mencari geng2 beskal ni yg memanjang dok ponteng kelas. dia arahkan cikgu2 pi cari dan kumpulkan kesemua geng tersebut sampai dapat. bila dah dapat, dia panggil van sekolah. dia dan budak2 itu menuju ke Kuala Lumpur.

Pada ketika itu, Penjara Pudu telah ditutup operasi dan dibuka kepada org ramai utk lawatan. cikgu tu bawa murid2 tu kesana dan serah pada warden yg bertugas utk dibawa lawatan. diceritakan juga kpd warden itu mengenai masalah murid2 itu. warden itu membawa murid2 itu ke semua pelusuk kawasan penjara, menceritakan kisah2 penjenayah, hukuman2 dan segalanya. cukup detail penuh perasaan. siap diberi peluang masuk ke sel penjara. lihat dan rasai apa seorang banduan rasa.

Selepas lawatan, murid2 itu ada yg termanggu. ada yang menangis. ada yg selepas itu menulis surat mengucapkan terima kasih pd cikgu tu. bila diminta menulis karangan mengenai lawatan tu, masing2 meluahkan rasa kesal dan berjanji tidak mahu mengulangi lagi. selepas itu masalah kecurian basikal yg berleluasa selama bebrapa tahun yg gagal ditangani pihak sekolah selama bertahun2 akhirnya selesai.

sherrina rasa elok kita cadangkan pada kerajaan supaya bekas2 penjara ni terus dibuka kpd org ramai supaya ada rasa insaf sebelum membuat kejahatan. lagi2 kepada pelajar2 yg tak didedahkan kpd akibat sebenar jika mereka melanggar undang2.

Cerita-Ceriti Hari Guru: Berjumpa Guru Lama

Di atas adalah satu keratan akhbar bertarikh 7 Mei 2006 kalau tak silap. Ia mengenai satu seminar pengajaran Bahasa Inggeris yang akan diadakan di Malaysia. Tiada apa yang menarik mengenai seminar itu untuk orang macam sherrina yang bukan mengajar subjek tersebut di sekolah tetapi perkara yang digaris dengan warna merah benar-benar menarik perhatian. Ia mengimbau kenangan 15 tahun lalu.

15 tahun lalu selama 6 bulan sherrina bersekolah di sekolah antarabangsa di Canberra, Australia telah menemukan sherrina dengan Misty Adoniou. Seorang guru berbangsa Greek yang telah mengubah minda dan cara pemikiran sherrina terhadap ilmu dan kehidupan. Banyak yang sherrina pelajari ketika sherrina berusia 11 tahun pada waktu itu. Masa yang begitu singkat dan ilmu yang begitu banyak diperolehi.

Tahun lalu tiba2 teringat nak cuba mencari jejak guru terbabit menggunakan Google. Terjumpa laman web sebuah university dan bertemu dengan maklumat mengenai seorang yang bernama Misty Adoniou dan gambarnya sekali.

Yupp..that's her. Tak berubah sangat daripada 11 tahun lalu. sherrina cuba menghubunginya melalui email dan Alhamdulillah, berjaya. Sherrina telah bertemu dengan bekas guru yang telah lama dicari. Kami saling berbalas email dan insya' Allah jika tiada halangan beliau akan turun ke Terengganu hujung bulan ini untuk menghadiri satu seminar di situ. Kebetulan pula time tu cuti sekolah, harap-harap ada le peluang nak ke sana untuk berjumpa dengannya kembali.

Beliau kini bertugas di University of Canberra sebagai lecturer English.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Sherrina ni bukan cikgu tetap di sesuatu sekolah macam cikgu2 lain disini. profession sherrina juga pendidikan tetapi sherrina buat masa ini bekerja dengan sykt swasta yg membekalkan pelajaran komputer ke institusi2 pendidikan. jadi tugas sherrina adalah pergi meninjau2 sekolah ini bagaimana mereka implemen pelajaran tersebut dan ada juga sekolah yg request supaya sykt hantar cikgu mengajar ke sana. sherrina juga antara salah sorang tenaga pengajar.

dalam 5 hari bekerja, sherrina mengajar di 3 buah tadika yang berbeza, satu sekolah rendah dan satu sekolah menengah. sehingga ke hari ini, keseluruhan sherrina dah mengajar di hampir 10 buah sekolah/tadika yang berbeza2.

kelebihan ini membolehkan sherrina melihat, mempelajari dan memerhati bagaimana guru menangani karenah murid. dari pemerhatian itu sherrina tafsir, fikir dan huraikan serta kadang2 come out with eksperimen2 utk mencari apakah cara terbaik dalam menyampaikan ilmu kepada pelajar.

hari ini sherrina ditugaskan meninjau sebuah sekolah rendah swasta utk melihat progress program disana. disamping itu selepas proses peninjauan, sherrina sendiri ada mengendalikan salah satu aktiviti ko-kurikulum disana. Jadi sepanjang hari ini sherrina merayau2 disekeling sekolah melihat dan menjenguk2 suasana sekolah. sherrina lihat kebanyakkan guru2 mengambil pendekatan marah, jerit, jerkah, ugut dan pelbagai lagi diatas salah laku pelajar, kenakalan pelajar, pelajar bising dll. malah salah satu cikgu mengadu tidak dapat menyampaikan pelajaran yg sykt sherrina bekalkan kerana susah nak kawal murid didalam makmal komputer.

hari ini sherrina minta kebenaran membuat demo mengajar. 20 pelajar tahun 4 masuk ke lab dalam keadaan huru-hara. sherrina kumpulkan di hadapan kelas, mulakan dengan puji-pujian mengenai yg sherrina kunun2nya dgr pelajar kelas itu pintar2 belaka. kemudian sherrina terangkan apa yang akan dilakukan dalam kelas hari ini. instead of letakkan satu budak satu komputer, sherrina suh dorang duduk 2 orang di satu komputer. instruction diberikan dengan terang, diperjelaskan dan diperincikan ala kadar supaya tak terlalu meleret. kemudian minta pelajar bacakan soalan2 di skrin, berikan step2 utk format MS Word document sehingga selesai. dan akhir sekali ajar mereka cara nak save. minta pelajar berikan feedback mengenai aktiviti, soal mereka utk kenalpasti samada mereka faham atau tidak. tak lupa selit2 gurauan dan jokes semasa mengajar.

Alhamdulillah, ngam2 loceng berbunyi tidak ada suara2 mengadu si polan cuit si polan. si anu ejek si anu. takde yang berlegar kesana kemari. ke tandas ke kantin. dan sebagainya.

selepas demo tersebut, sherrina sambung dengan ko kurikulum yg sherrina handle. dan sherrina cuba approach lain iaitu biarkan murid cuba sendiri, buat sendiri. resultnya, ada yg ke tandas, yg bergomol bertumbuk atas lantai, baring dll (ko kurikulum ini juga dilakukan di dalam makmal komputer menggunakan komputer).

selepas mengajar, sambil menunggu enjin kereta panas....sherrina dapat buat kesimpulan:
Pelajar akan nakal jika tidak ada apa yang dibuat, jika guru membebel tak tentu pasal dan sibuk marahkan si polan dan si anu yang ejek2 dan cuit2 orang. Tetapi jika pelajar disibukkan dengan pelbagai tugas tanpa henti selama 1 jam.....insya' Allah target dapat dicapai. 1 jam tersebut tidak sempat mereka nak cuit dan ejek2. Puas hati juga kerana dapat buktikan yg budak2 tu yg selama ini asik diherdik dan ditempik sebenarnya boleh dibentuk dan boleh disuruh buat kerja.

I guess guru kene buat pelbagai eksperimen utk melihat approach yg bagaimana sesuai dengan sesuatu keadaan. Sekian sahaja coretan sherrina mengenai pengalaman hari ini di sekolah :)

Monday, May 08, 2006


You came into my life two years ago
You've brighten my life

Make me smile

Make me laugh
As I walked into the PDA store

And swipe you away
For an exchange with an Ipaq 4150

Which is no longer with me now (Triple curse to the bloody thief!)

You make feel safe

And comfortable
As I drove into the petrol station

and swipe you with pride
for a full tank petrol

which could only last
less than a week

after the recent petrol price hike

you shall be sent away from me

I have to do it
Please forgive me
You've taught me enough lesson

You've put me into enough suffer

It's time to be apart


I'm no longer your Master

You will no longer haunt me

with your monthly love letters


Thank you
for being
a good financial guru to me
I've learn a lot

I've learn my lesson

As for my 2006 resolution

I'm glad that I've achieved 1 of it

One down, two more to go!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cerita Beluncas

Ini ialah gambar-gambar seekor ulat beluncas yang diberi peluang memamah rezeki di pokok rambutan ayah aku. Hasilnya, seekor ulat yang gemuk dan menyelerakan (bagi haiwan yang memakannya). Dah beberapa hari aku memerhatikan pergerakkannya. Kali ni baru berpeluang mengambil gambar sebab hari ni aku balik umah sebelum matahari terbenam dan hari ni ulat ni lepak di daun biasa yang terjuntai di luar pagar di waktu petang (aku usha belah pagi dia dah merewang ke tempat lain).

Ulat ni akan bertukar jadi kepompong dan akhirnya akan jadi rama-rama kan? kalaulah aku dapat saksikan setiap pergerakkan ketika rama-rama tu lahir, alangkah bestnya....

geramnya tgk badan ulat beluncas ni yang debab-debab..rasa nak kerat-kerat aje tengok apa ghupanya isi ulat ni...hihihihi....goreng pon sodap!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Triple + 1 Entries


Tak pernah2 masuk carta top 50, terus naik 33 (masa posting ini dibuat, kedudukan 28)

teruskan Afundi blog sherrina.....hehehehe...... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ehemm...sudahkah anda mendapatkan siri permainan
The Sims yang terbaru? Selepas The Sims 2: Nightlife, EA telah mengeluarkan The Sims 2: Open For Business

sherrina beli DVD version sebab mula2 beli versi CD tapi tak jalan (maybe sebab previous The Sims 2 adalah dari versi DVD), maka terpaksa pulangkan dan tukar dengan versi DVD yg ada sekali The Sims 2 (kalau CD, ada 4 keping ni) dan Open For Business plus

add-on, Family Fun Stuff
hehe....disebabkan ni tgh minggu final exam, terpaksa le simpan dulu DVD ni. takleh install, nnt gatal je tgn nak main. Abis je exam, bleh lenja
n game ni smpi pagi....yahooooo!!!!


The Star The Star hari Selasa lepas ada menyiarkan berita mengenai DVD dokumentari Da Vinci Code cetak rompak yang berleluasa dan antara yg terhangat dipasaran. Errr...kat mana nak cari di KL ek? dlm paper tu mention di Penang....best tu kalau ada 1 utk koleksi peribadi :D


sudahkah korang menonton filem Korea yg bertajuk Dongmakgol?

Jika blom, carik le vcd nye. citer ni memang best giler. Ianya pasal pasukan Korea Utara, Korea Selatan ngan tentera US yang berperang pada masa tu. Sorang tentera US, 3 orang tentera Korea (ntah selatan ke utara) dan 2 orang tentera Korea (team opposite) berjumpa di sebuah kampung di pendalaman gunung yg diberi nama kampung Dongmakgol. Ketika seluruh Korea sedang sibuk berperang, penduduk kampung ni haram tatau pun akan hal tu.

Lucu giler citer ni dan endingnya...huwaaa...seddeyyyy.....that's why aku benci peperangan (eh, ada ke yg suka? Bush suka le kot). Anyway, citer ni mmg 15 bintang le aku kasik...best tahap gaban!!!!


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