Thursday, September 30, 2004

Cat Rescue-Day 3: The End

Nasib baik comel, baka bagus gak. bulu ekor kembang tapi garang seh...kat setengah jam memujuk baru dapat cekup badan dia pastu tarik keluar. Apalagi, sherrina ngan adik berlari satu rumah mengejar kucing tu. Ingat nak bela tapi liar sangat. Cayalah lid, hero of the day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


We are stucked. We tried our best to persuate the cat but still failed. We are about to give up when my dad came out with one of his 'MacGyver' solution. He took a thick of a flat wood which he kept for his gardening activity and arrange it on the ladder so that the end of it reached the window where the cat is trapped. He put a bait to attract the cat, which is a plate of rice and fish. We thought of putting a nice and hot fried fish as a bait but mom refused to donate any. So, we sticked with the rice and fish.

After several hours, the cat was still there looking at us with its pity face but didn't dare to walked down the wooden path. Now, we are not only ended up trying to rescue a hungry cat but also a coward one. This is getting difficult.

Later, my dad brought up another piece of wood and designed another way for the cat to walk down. Heh, while typing this I can hear the cat meow loudly. Anyway, we'll stick with the latest plan at least until tomorrow morning before thinking of other way. Any idea on how to solve this problem?

Plan A

Plan B

I wonder if I can get fire fighter or 911 people to help me rescue the cat?

Cat Rescue - Day 1

Between my house and my neighbour, there's a space at the roof top which always been a death trap to animals especially cats. Last saturday we heard meowing sound from the toilet which has a small window to the place. That was the second incident. The first one happened few years ago. I have no idea how did these cats ended up there. Bet they climbed up too high and fall into the space through a hole.

So, as usual my dad, me and my sister made up a plan on how to rescue the cat. It will be a lot easier if the cat is familiar with us but we found out that it's a stranger.'s hard to make the cat trust us and let us hold it to take it down. So, here's some photos on the rescue activity on day 1.

This is the place where the cat is trapped. Here's my dad feeding the cat with rice and fish
It's a small window at the ceiling in my bathroom

He tried to comfort the cat Here's the poor guy, shy guy

There you are you naughty cat! Oppss...too much flash light. It's eye looks like a marble this looks a bit scary to me! Please rescue me!!

The rescue unit had to postponed its activity because mom been yelling at us asking us to come down and finished up our dinner. So, the rescue activity will be continue again tomorrow. Stay tune for the latest updates on the Cat Rescue!

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Sejak akhir-akhir nie asik hujan di petang hari. Semalam pon gitu jugak. punye le lebat. mujur takde pokok yg tumbang di wangsa maju. aritu dah banyak yg tumbang. anyway, lepas keje tatau nak gi mana gi le KLCC. tu je yg dekat dan mudah. agaknya org pon dah jemu gi KLCC, tak crowded pon. Lepas makan spaghetti bolognaise kat food court yg sedap tu, gi lepak Kinokuniya. memandangkan budget buku dah kering, tengok aje lah sambil usha2 buku yg bakal dibeli nanti bila dah ada duit. Lepas tu, lepak di taman klcc sambil sembang ngan member. sambil tu amik gambo klcc dan air pancut. oh ye, huruf I pada signboard Isetan sudah diganti.



The fountain show


Clear sky after the heavy downpour in the evening

KLCC also has its own night market

Thursday, September 16, 2004

ever wonder what could happen in the year 3000?

Source: Nickelodeon

Monday, September 13, 2004

Hari nie cuti, nak gi jalan2 pon tak best sebab geng jalan malas nak berjalan. Nak kluar kol 2 petang tadi tapi punye le lebat hujan yg turun. Hanya boleh keluar lepas hujan reda dalam kol 3.30 petang. Lalu kat wangsa maju depan carrefour, humang aihhh..banyak sehh pokok yg tumbang. sampaikan laluan menuju ke Jalan Jelatek berhadapan Destina terpaksa ditutup. Disepanjang jalan ke Seri Rampai toksah citer. Bersepah ranting dan dahan pokok.. lebat sungguh hujan. Aisehh, rugi tak bawak kamera. Yg harunya, satu papan tanda jalan yg punye le beso pon tumbang. Mujur tak kene sesapa.

Dah alang2 cuti nie, gi le Pusat Darah Negara. Ingat nak call member yg keje kat sana tapi malas plak nak kacau. Disebabkan hujan lebat, tak ramai pula di PDN hari nie. Lepas register dan sembang2 ngan doktor yg mengambil data2 kesihatan, sherrina dibawa ke bilik menderma. ada 3 orang aje. sorang penderma apprentis(plasma donor) dan sorang lagi penderma darah. dua-dua orang cina. beberapa kali sherrina gi PDN memang ramai orang cina yang menderma darah. Bagus depa nie, prihatin. Lepas dicucuk dengan jarum pastu disambung ke salur darah, relaks sambil tengok tv. Lepas 20 minit, selesai. Penuh satu beg. Huhu...banyaknya darah. Lepas relaks, depa taruk plaster gi minum milo (milo kat PDN nie sedap) dan makan kek. Ingat nak jalan ke KLCC tengok wayang tapi dengo kat radio kata jalan jem sana sini, last2 gi Jaya Jusco makan kat Shakeys Pizza. Lapo oooo lepas derma darah.

Pasnie kene tunggu lagi 3-4 bulan le baru bleh derma. Slalunya dekat2 musim perayaan yang bekalan darah selalu berkurang. So pada korang yg tak penah2 menderma tu, bawak2 le menderma. Tak rugi pon. Makan nasi semangkuk dah berganti darah tu (sapa ntah yg bagitau. tatau le betoi ke tak). Memula rasa pening le, lama2 okay aje. Siap bleh drive sendiri lagi lepas derma pastu jalan2 cari makan. Tapi pastikan darah korang bebas dari segala kuman-kumin, kalu tak naya aje sapa yg dapat darah tu. sesio kene jirus ke longkang nanti.

Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut pasal derma darah, lawatlah oklah, nak chow dulu. nak tengok tv le.....kot2 ada citer best. babai....

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Super Yoyo Fever

Working as a teacher means I meet children more than adult. Actually I enjoyed it very much. Working with kids requires different technique than working with adult. There are also lots of benefits as well. Besides getting lots of goodies during birthday, hari raya and Teacher's day, another thing that I enjoyed working with kids is because I get to know the latest trend in the toy market. From Game Boy Advance to Super Yoyo, my students love to bring their stuff to the learning centre to show it to me. One of the key to capture their attention is to know what they likes. Most of it, knowing what they play. That's why I have to keep myself aware of the latest toy trend in the market. But, the latest crazy that hitted the local market recently is definitely the Super Yoyo.

Yoyo is not a new toy. In fact, yoyo is actually the second oldest toy in the world after doll. I've read in websites saying that Greeks were the first to invent yoyo, right after they invent the wheel. Even the oldest yoyo is now well kept in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Centuries later, yoyo was very popular in Phillipine. A man name Pedro Flores migrated to US and started his own small yoyo manufacturing in California. An American called DF Duncan saw the toy and decided to bought the rights from Flores in 1929 and then trademarked the name Yo-Yo ®. Duncan's contribution to yo-yo technology was the slip string, consisting of a sliding loop around the axle instead of a knot. Since then, yoyo becomes among the famous toy in the world. It's a cheap way to release stress and almost anybody can learn on how to play it. From time to time, the skills and tricks grows from the simple sleeper trick up to the advance tricks. Yoyo hitted almost every street in the world and reached its highest sale in 1962. 45 million units were sold.

My students started to brought their yoyo to class few weeks ago. I was told the fever hitted Malaysia when NTV7 aired the Super Yoyo cartoon. I watched them spin and throw, makes some tricks. I even tried and it was fun. But today's yoyo is different compared to my childhood time. I used to had a cheap, plastic yoyo which you need to practice a lot to be able to play with it. But today's Super Yoyo comes in better quality. It has automatic with ball berring and stuff in it which requires a slight throw and catch, you'll be able to make several simple tricks. There were many Super Yoyo names in the market. From Super Dragon to Super Fire Dragon, the price ranged from as cheap as RM 1.90 (fake I think) up to the most expensive yoyo I've seen in Toycity, KLCC cost about RM 89 (solid steel). I even bought a cheap Super Yoyo (less than RM 10) for myself from Toycity. Even as an adult, it doesn't prohibit me to play the game. In fact my students were so thrilled seeing me with my yoyo and they started to teach me lots of tricks. It helps us to get closer and know each other more. They were very patience. They teach me fron Long sleeper to Shoot The Moon. But I can only do Forward Pass at the moment. There are still plenty of practices to do before mastering the basic level. Now this is what I call a knowledge exchange. I teached them computer and they taught me yoyo tricks.

Here's some photos of my students showing their own yoyo skills:

Long sleeper

A special yoyo case

So, if you are interested to learn more of the yoyo tricks, there are plenty of websites that offers tutorials,videos, tips, tricks and even 3D image on how to these tricks. Okay, I'm off now to practice on how to do long sleeper. Till then, have a nice weekend.....

Interesting Links:

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

While browsing through MTU Sempoi Forum, I found a topic about the up coming wedding of The Royal Brunei couple, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Pg Muda Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah and Dayangku Sarah binti Pengiran Salleh Ab Rahaman. Accoring to, the ceremony will take place on September 9, 2004.

Before the wedding day, the Royal groom and Royal bride will have to go through several traditional ceremonies for the Royal wedding and last night they went through the sixth ceremony called "Berbedak". When reading through the article, berbedak sounds like our local malay tradition which is called 'Merenjis' whereby the couple will sit on a 'pelamin' (a special raised dais) and with their palms open on their laps facing the assembled audience. Then, several items will be placed and sort of thrown (or should I say showered) to the bride and groom. I'm not really sure what are the actual ingredients for merenjis but I know air mawar (rose's water) and "bunga rampai" is a must.

But in Brunei, it's a little bit different. "Berbedak" ceremony requires various coloured powders mixed with perfumes giving out a nice scent is applied on the palms of the bride and the groom during the ceremony. After the Berbedak application the sweet smelling Bunga Rampai which is made from certain leaves (Pandan) cut into pieces after being left to dry for a day are taken away by those present as some sort of token. What makes it much more special is that only the fourth finger of the right hand is used for the Berbedak.

Even the "akad nikah" which was held yesterday sounds grand and full of traditional element. Congratulation to the newly-wed Royal couple.


Monday, September 06, 2004

Blog Review: TV Smith's Dua Sen

Everytime I online, I will definitely check out this blog. Very inspiring and creative way of writing. TV Smith's Dua Sen is not new to bloggers. A very popular writer whose article published in local newspaper several times. From local scenes to funnys stuff, he's always at it. He's not only a writer but also a photographer. I always envy his skills and idea. He likes to write about things that not many people able to think of. For example, these article about cloneism.

Click cloneism to read about it.

TV Smith's Dua Sen is divided into 7 department:

  • Latest Arrticle

  • Latest Cartoon

  • Latest Pic

  • Latest SMS Alert

  • Latest Photo Essay

  • Latest Photography Article

  • Archieve

To access to the blog, click at the logo.

I have just spend several hours everyday playing Monopoly on my Pocket PC and now I had just begun a new game called Lemonade Inc produced by Hexacto. It's a fun game especially for those who want to learn the art of business. This could be a good platform to gain some experience without pain of loosing own's money. Basically player is given a stall where you need to sell lemonade. It requires skills to perfect the receipe to adjust to the customer's taste. Too much ice means too plain. Too little ice will make the drink warm. Too much sugar is too sweet and too much lemon makes it extra sour. Then we have to check out the weather (hot days mean more ice, rainy day means less ice) and also the current event in the town. The price of the drink is also depends on these situations and from time to time player need to stuff in more lemons, sugar, ice and cups.

After some time, players can start to advertise the business and also buy own asset to help run the business. When business is getting better, player can opt to rent other places. In my personal opinion, this game is fun, addictive and yet educational. The buttons and menus are easy to navigate and use. The graphics are smooth and you can even click on the bubble dialogue of the customers to find out what they feel about the drink.

Wanna check out more bout the game, visit which has given extensive review on the game. So, after the lemonade inc, what's next? Lemonade Tycoon :)

Okay, I'm off to make more lemonade and start selling them....chioww!!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

This event was held in Berjaya Times Square last night. It was an exciting program where demos of aikido are shown to public. Not only the sensei and top practitioners involved in the program, kids and students were also participated. Aikido practitioners who performed during the event were not only from KL and Seremban, but also from Thailan and Australia. Check out the photos coz it speaks louder than words.

Pawi showing off his skills during the opening ceremony

A stunt show where several kids 'flying' above the three friends

A slow motion move

Pheww....I hope that guy didn't broke his bones

She may be small but she received the most loud applause from the audience.

The fantastic twin brother.

They even teach women self defense. man, that sure hurts.

The sensei during the closing ceremony.

Fuh, they really kick some ass. Now it makes me wanna learn martial art. Wachhaaa..... If you wanna know more about Shudokan Dojo Malaysia, click at the logo :)

For full photo album, please visit sherrina's fotopages


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