Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Mengintai dari tepi tingkap

Salam Takziah kepada mangsa2 ombak tsunami yg melanda beberapa buah negara di sekitar Asia pada hari semalam. Kawasan umah sherrina tak terasa pulak gegaran, maybe sebab disini kawasan tanah rendah. Kalau bergegar, sure dah terjaga dari tido. Nie sedap aje ngorok pagi semalam. hehehe...

Tadi lepas lunch sambil dok cuci pinggan, intai2 kat backyard kut2 ada kucing. Ternampak le satu kejadian yg terasa rugi le amat tak dapat di capture dgn digicam. Kalau dapat video, lagi bagus. bleh anto ke American Funniest Animal. Kucing oren yg tido dalam pasu ayah sherrina yg baru aje digempur tanahnya punye le tido lena, sampai terlentok2 kepalanya keluar dari bucu tempat kucing tu sandarkan kepala. Kelako..cepat2 amik digicam dan rakam saki baki aksi yg ada....

Mula-mula, tido cam biasa. Nyenyak mcm baby

Tu dia....mimpi apa le agaknya sampai terlentok2 keluar

Bangun semula utk membetulkan kembali posisi kepala

Sambung semula tido

Bangun balik sebab terdengar bunyi klik...klik.

Huh..ada orang mengintai aku tido!!!

Reporter mana hah? Melodi? Mangga? Papparazi sungguh!!!

Kalau taknak kene rasa baling ngan penyodok nie, baik blah

Whuuaarghh..tak tahan. Ngantuk giler. Tido balik laa....ZzzZZZzzzZZZzzzz.......

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Phantom of The Opera (POTO)

One of the thing that keep popping in my mind right after the exam is to watch The Phantom of The Opera movie at TGV. Ever since I read the literature book when I was 14 years old, I always find the story is a very fascinating piece of literature. Somewhat between love, hate, anger and mystery. So, I booked two tickets through the TGV phone ticketing reservation this morning and managed to get the seats at 5.30pm. Right after office hour, my friend and I dashed to KLCC. Even though my car created some problem when we reached the parking lot, but it did not killed my mood and eager to watch the show. I expected a long queue at the counters coz it's Wednesday at the ticket price is cheaper compared to other days but not many people were there.

Anyway, after purchasing the ticket and bought popcorns and coke, we watched some trailers which were shown at the screen nearby. At 5.20pm, we were allowed to enter and how am I very glad to find that our seats are right in the middle, almost perfect. At 5.30pm, the movie appeared after a few minutes of Nokia messages ads shown to remind people the etiquette of watching movie in a cinema. The opening was grand. It started with a flashback and fast pace into the real time. The casts are new to me as I don't recall knowing any of them. The classical music soars throughout the 2 hours and most of the time we will be only listening to the actor and actress singing because the originality of POTO from stage musical to movie makes it diffcult to tell the story in ordinary way. About 70% of the stories were told in songs. The main song of the movie was really good, so does the others songs. If you like classical music, you will definitely like the songs in this movie.

Basically the story is about the Phantom who lives under the Paris Opera house which claimed to be haunted after a great accident happened in it. It was reopen again and it attracted great crowd. It stages several stage shows throughout the movie. A new comer, Christine who is the lead vocal of the show is being admired by the Phantom who at the same time is the person who taught her how to sing wonderfully. It's more like a triangle kind of love affair between Christine, the Phantom and Christine's childhood sweetheart, Viscount Raoul. If you think the Phantom (Erik) is a ghost, you are wrong. He's actually a guy with half of his face badly burned which makes he feel humiliated and lower self-esteem. When he was a kid, he used to be kept in a cage and shown to people who came to a Gypsi circus and claimed to be the child of ghost due to his bad looking face. He was kept and tied in the cage until one day he killed his master and ran away with a girl who watched the show and kept him in a safe place. A very special musical movie. It's better to watch it yourself to understand the whole story.

As I was enjoying and deeply concentrating with the storyline while inspire with the design of the casting set, I felt annoyed with some of the people who either doesn't understand the message/reminder that the Nokia ads had given earlier or simply arrogant and foolish. A loud well-known ringtones rouse in the middle of the movie and a girl answered it loudly till everyone in the room able to hear every bit of her conversation. She was shouting to the caller saying she can't hear him/her. Grrr...several people started to hush and make complaints directly to her but she just pretend not to hear and continue talking with the caller. Then, not long after that a group of girls can be heard giggling at the back. I was quite amazed on the way they able to extract the message of the movie as I was unable to find any amuse act during that scene. It was quite a serious and suspense scene, actually. A few more ringing can be heard throughout the movie. At the end of the movie, I assumed that some of the audience don't have any idea what is POTO all about. Maybe they expected a horror movie and when they found that it was a musical movie (mind you, it's classical and not rock or hip hop), it tends to make them bored and they started to chat among themselves. At least, they should respect other audience if they don't want to leave the place. Urrghh..talking bout Malaysian bad etiquette. Please, can some one tell me if there is still cellphones selling in the market that is not equipped with silent mode. Even though our folks are not widely exposed to musical stage especially classical, but it's not an excuse for behaving badly in the cinema. I was satisfied with the movie but pissed off with the surrounding mood. I should have try the Gold class offered in GSC.

For those who have not watch this movie yet, do not waste your money and time if you think Sound of Music and Marry Poppins are very boring (no offence,eh). For more info of the movies and to listen to the songs from the movie, click at the links below. Overall, I find the movie very interesting and I am looking forward to purchase the soundtrack soon. My favourite tracks are Overture and The Phantom of The Opera.

Main Casts of POTO:

Patrick Wilson as Viscount Raoul    Emmy Rossum as Christine  Gerarld Butler as The Phantom

POTO Movie website
POTO Soundtrack

Almost end of the year

Final exam dah abis, keje2 yg penting kat pejabat dah abis. Bleh lepak dan relaks sampai new year. Yearghhh...mana nak gi ek kalau nak tenangkan fikiran? Cameron Highland ke Fraser Hill? Aritu dalam The Star ada publish article mengenai perpustakaan MAB (Malaysian Associations for the Blind) yang memerlukan sukarelawan utk taipkan buku2 menarik utk dialih ke tulisan Braille. Best gak projek nie, aku pon tak penah tau camne buku tulisan braille dihasilkan. Ingat nak gi sana le lepas cuti new year.

Anyway, cuti krismas dah dekat tak lama plak new year.....apa perancangan korang? walau apa pun, pastikan ianya bermanafaat dan tidak sia-sia...

oklah, nak chow....tido la. baru lepas format laptop...ngantuk bangat. nanti aku sambung lagi....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

maaf sebab dah lama tak update. takpe, lepas 19/12 nie, sherrina akan update dan sesi ubahsuai design dan layout pun akan dijalankan sempena kedatangan tahun baru 2005 tak lama lagi.....sedangkan hari raya pon org tukar langsir baru, ini kan pula blog....musti mau tukar punyaaa....

sementara itu, bagi yg masih memegang title job hunter, cuba2 le kot dapat....

Rexall Showcase International Berhad is a trading company
which responsible to market health & beauty products to all
dealers and stockist around Malaysia, including Sabah &
Sarawak. Rexall Showcase International Berhad also is in
planning of expanding their market to Thailand, Indonesia,
Brunei, Singapore and Philippine.

They are now looking for suitable candidates whom will
fulfill the vacancies of:

 Degree in Marketing / Business Studies / any related fields
 Diploma in Business Studies / any related fields
 At least 2 years experience in the marketing fields
 Good communications skills, personality, flexible working
hours and mobile
 Able to work with minimum supervision and independent
 Knowledge in Computer Programme and basics Office

 Degree in Accountancy / Finance / Business Studies / any
related fields
 Diploma in Accountancy / Finance / Business Studies/ any
related fields
 Good communications skills, personality, flexible working
 Able to work with minimum supervision and independent
 Knowledge in Accounting Software and basics Office

 Degree in Human Resources / any related fields
 Diploma in Human Resources / any related fields
 Good communications skills, personality, flexible working
 Able to work with minimum supervision and independent
 Knowledge in computer and basics Office

 Degree in Computer Science / any related fields
 Diploma in Computer Science / any related fields
 Good communications skills, personality, flexible working
 Able to work with minimum supervision and independent
 Knowledge in Computer Programme and basics Office

Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply

For those who interested, please send a complete resume to
the address below:

Rexall Showcase International Berhad
314A, Lorong Kedah, Melawati Square, Taman Melawati, 53300
Kuala Lumpur

(Attn: Mohd Fauzi Othman)

AMRES MSP SDN BHD, a based IT company is defines
as ‘channel’, a form of access to information. AMRES MSP’s
mobile offerings fit seamlessly with other channels that
are able to deal with multiple standards, protocols, and
languages for a successful mobile presence to match the
consistency and level of services offered by companies that
have taken an integrated approach to e-business.

Their vision is to empower organizations to reach out to
more customers by extending and simplifying their
communications needs with the latest advancements, in order
to leverage technological efficiencies and provide faster
time-to-market and return on investment.

Now, AMRES MSP Sdn Bhd is seeking for the new technical
personnel for the position of TECHNICAL PROGRAMMERS.

If you are interested, please send your resume to them
through email – josephine@amregroup.com or fax to 03-

Suite 16-08 Level 16, Plaza 138
138 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

TIME dotCom Berhad as Malaysia's preferred communications solutions provider offers a complete and comprehensive range of services from voice and data communications to wireless broadband, Internet, global managed services, payphones and various multimedia solutions.

We are pulling our resources together to stamp our distinctive mark in the communications world. We are looking for individuals who can contribute effectively in achieving our vision of becoming the preferred communications solutions provider in Malaysia. Successful candidates will be offered an attractive remuneration package which commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Complete the attached form and email your resume to recruitment@time.com.my

TIME dotCom Berhad
The Recruitment Department
Level 2 Wisma TIME
249 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Closing date: 15 December 2004

The positions that need to be filled-up are:

Assistant Head - Customer Services
Assistant Manager - Product Management
Senior Executive - Legal
Senior Executive ­ Indirect Sales (Channel Management)
Senior Project Analyst ­ Information Technology
Senior Executive - Enterprise Management Application Support ­ IT
Senior Executive ­ Channel Management (Retail)
Executive ­ Regulatory
Application Support Analyst - Information Technology
Product Executive (Technical) ­ Product Management
Engineer ­ Managed Network Services/ISP Content & Application
RF Engineer - Cell Planning & Optimization (Network Services)
Customer Service Engineer ­ Broadband Operations
Production Cum Project Manager ­ Content Services
Product Executive ­ Content Services
Team Leader - Customer Service
Customer Resolution Consultant - Customer Service
Technical Executive - Cell Planning & Optimisation (Network Services)


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Kita berehat sebentar untuk memberi laluan kepada iklan....

1. Keje Kosong: ElectronicsEngineer @ Putra LRT

as mention above anyone who is interestet to work in that field pls
send ur email to wmmarlina@putra.com.my latest by 10/12/04.
Requirements :
1.Degree in electrcical/electronic eng
2.Lelaki je ( x best betul kn)
3.Able to work at night n on call
4.Bersedia nak buat buat keje2 troubleshooting cuz skang byk problem
ok good luck tlg pass kat kwn2 korg yg berminat

2. Nak apply kad kredit dengan mudah? Senang aje, gerenti lulus (tertakluk kepada syarat dan peraturan). Sapa2 nak apply kad kredit, hubungi 019-394 5312 (Zura). Percuma: Dompet kulit berjenama.


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