Monday, November 28, 2005

Rose and Kamarul's Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was held last night at the grand Selangor Royal Club at about 9pm. The weather was wet, it was drizzling and unfortunately I got lost in the middle of the town before finding the place which I have never been before.

Rose is my friend, my ex-classmate from CBN school. Who could believe a girl who always crack lousy jokes and love to poked around while teacher was teaching in front is now officially Kamarul's wife. She was only able to control herself during the first 2 hours of the ceremony, and right after the event ended at 10pm, she's back to her old self....cracking jokes all the way down the hall.

The bride and the bridegroom walked down into the ballroom.

The beautiful couple on the pelamin while a creative slideshow was shown at the back. I really like the idea of including a short videpclip on how they met and why they like each other. So cute.

Cake cutting ceremony which is also part of the event. I think Kamarul has a bit of look like Norman KRU. Many of us thought it too..

The couple moving towards the club's entrance to said goodbye and thanks to the guests.

As usual, group photo is a must.

At the stair pon orait. (I think it's better coz semua bleh squeeze in nicely)

Full photos can be obtained at my Fotopages. Click here.

I also did happened to have a few free hours in the evening at the office after the computer camp and took the time to refresh my skills on Windows Movie Maker.

For those who CBNers who would like to obtain the videoclip, please send an emaill to me and I shall forward it to you.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Smalam sambil pekena satay free (jiran bagi, terima kasih), sherrina dok sembang2 ngan mak sherrina pasal kes polis yg suh budak cina tu bogel sambil ketuk ketampi (ni le akibat banyak sgt tgk citer P.Ramlee), mak sherrina citer le pasal bebaru ni gi ziarah jiran lama (masa dulu2 dok tmn bunga raya) yang penah jaga sherrina masa sherrina kecik2 dulu (tu yg masa kecik bulat, jiran ni suap sherrina makan nasi gaul ngan ghee....hihi, tapi sedap)

Aunty ni dok kat Gombak skarang. Area tak jauh dari Greenwood. Katanya la ni dia dok stressful sangat. Pikirkan keselamatan anak2 nya (semua dah beso panjang, paling kecik pon lepas SPM) sebab asik dok diperambat dek polis. Katanya kat area sana, Polis guna macam2 tektik nak kacau kehidupan mereka. Penah sekali tu anaknya lepak ngan member2 kat tepi jalan. Polis lalu dan berenti kat depa. Polis kata depa suspek budak2 ni ada simpan dadah dalam poket dan minta nak periksa poket mereka.

Budak2 ni pun hangguk ajelah lalu hulur poket mereka. Lepak diseluk dek polis2 ni, polis ni kata depa bawak dadah, sambil menunjukkan jari2 mereka yg tersisa dadah. terkejut budak2 ni, polis tu mintak duit kalau taknak kes ni dibawa ke balai. kalau naik, confirm kantoi. so polis ni gi le umah2 budak ni kutip duit.

Rupanya taktik polis yg kotor ni ialah dorang awal2 lagi celup jari dorang dalam dadah dan bila dorang approach budak2 ni, dorang seluk poket tu. Confirm le kantoi coz dadah tu dah memang tersisa kat jari2 dorang even before dorang seluk poket budak2 tu. Ini le salah satu cara polis carik duit.

Hari2 kita dengar, kita baca kisah perlakuan buruk polis yang sepatutnya menjadi contoh yang sepatutnya membela rakyat. Sampai sherrina dok pikir, masih adakah polis yg benar2 polis sejati dalam erti kata yang sebenarnya di Malaysia yang permai dan bertuah ini? Korang kenal mana2 polis yang masih genuine polis? Teringin beno aku nak kenal. Kot2 masih ada baka2 yg suci dan asli ni di Malaysia nih.....

Moralnya, hati2 le bila berdepan dengan polis dan jangan melakukan sesuatu yang membolehkan mereka mendapat alasan untuk menahan, menyiasat atau approach anda.

Tips: Kalau Polis minta nak check poket, cepat2 keluarkan segala isi perut poket anda dan tunjukkan poket anda kosong (keluarkan kain poket tu) supaya takde alasan dorang nak kata anda bawa dadah ke atau apa2. Kalau anda tau apa2 taktik untuk melindungi diri daripada dianiaya polis (ataupun polis tiruan, yang menyamar jadi polis), mari share disini.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Ever since I came across e-browse , the online local newspaper which offer all newspaper online at cheaper price, I seldom purchase The Star and Malay Mail (which cost more than the online version) except if I'm interested in any contest (hey, it is so unfair coz online reader aren't able to participate in contest that requires paper cutting). Even though it did created slight problemin the early days, but now it works out smooth.

This afternoon while flipping through the pages, I came across this ads by TM Net:

As I was eyeing the Package 2, the offer is good. All those free stuff. The free online newspaper!! ( all newspaper for free!!!!) I search to the bottom for Terms and Conditons, nothing funny. So, I quickly rang the 1-300 number and talked with one of the in-charge. Dang, the offer is only for new register only (we Malaysians never learn how to appreciated existing customers eh). I was nearly about to agree come out with the idea to close my current Streamyx account and register as new user when at the end of the conversation, the in-charge break the news. The online newspaper (can read all newspaper) is free for 3 months only (strange, the promo in the tm net website said that it's only free for a month. God knows which one is true). Cehh....nearly give up my precious streamyx account (at some hot places, the access is so limited....people have to fight for it)

Moral of the story: Investigate deeply before making decision.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It's now 3.23am and yes, I am online in the wee hours. Hard to catch a sleep after 3 hours of quick nap (a nap, yeah right!) before 12am. While updating this blog, there's a helicopter been making few rounds near my neighbourhood. God know what are they doing up there at this time and it's been like this for a week (hunting for escaped criminal? I don't think so. Flying exercise? Maybe. Nothing to do but to waste the taxpayer's money..could be).

I am in the middle of reading one of the book which I bought earlier
before hari raya, written by John Grisham, my favourite author when I stumble this word: eulogy which means a laudatory speech or written tribute, especially one praising someone who has died.

Now, should it be "a eulogy" or "an eulogy" ?

Anyway, the book is great. It's about a law student who came out with a brief about the assasination of 2 great judges in the United States. As I was
googling, I found out that the book has been made into movie in 1993 acted by Denzel Washington (gosh, he is damn good in this thriller movie. Check out The Bone Collector ) and Julia Roberts (oh gosh, this movie is almost perfect. A combination of my two favourite actor and actress)

According to, the paper back version of The Pelican Brief will be available in April 2006. Wah, take so long to publish the paperback version.

Aiseh, who are playing with the helicopter over and over again? I don't think I've heard any of the animals from the nearby National Zoo has escaped. It's like those days in the hostels where the warden walked to and fro along the corridor to check whether you are sleeping or stil awake. I'm off to bed now, before the helicopter landed behind my house and yell me to lights off.....

Friday, November 18, 2005

Wanna work in the Millionnaire's Planet?


True Wealth and Azizi Ali are on the extremely fast track to become the No. 1 financial educator in Malaysia. Based in Kelana Jaya, we require a new superstar to help us on our journey to the stars. If you want to excel in a fun and exciting work environment, with excellent growth prospects, want to make a difference to the world and believe that you are the best, read on and then take action!

1. Editorial Assistant
To assist the Editor in organizing and checking material for Pulication
Check and edit layout
Proofread text
Make corrections on the hardcopy and computer
Update content, covers & films for reprints
Compile and record feedack for all new books
Min 1 year editing experience in a publishing company
Minimum SPM holder. Higher qualification is an advantage
Excellent written and spoken English and Malay
Meticulous and well organized
A team player
Expert in Microsoft Office and internet
Ability to work to tight deadlines
Loves books and reading
Age 20 – 35 years old
We offer:
an extremely competitive salary package plus overtime, bonus and incentives vast opportunity to learn and grow with the company motivating and exhilarating work atmosphere a chance to make a difference to the world a chance to explore your talent and ideas to the optimum
And yes, only the best need apply.
So if you are the stars we're looking for, please submit a recent passport photo, full curriculum vitae giving personal and career details, past, present and expected salary and contact telephone number before 30th Nov 2005 to:
True Wealth Sdn Bhd
A310, Level 3, Block AKelana Square
Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling JayaSelangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-7880 1051 Fax: 03-7880 8051

Click here for details

Gee...I wish I could apply. Damn, if not because of next year I need to start my practical training, I would have tried my luck to work with his company.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


What could be better than a peaceful stroll along the lakeside of Titiwangsa while munching jeruk on a fine evening?


Have you come across this kind of pop-up? Lately I've been receiving at everytime I reformatted my laptop.

Thank you Microsoft for providing the way to disable this thing. Wanna know? The medicine is here

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


My friend and I had a dinner at Johnny's in Times Square before heading to Border's for free reading (hehe). We'd love to tried the steamboats but we go for the hot & spicy fried rice set which includes tomyam, ice-cream and drink (plain tea or plain water)

Hot & Spicy Fried Rice

thumbs up to Johnny's for making this superb tomyam...slurrpp until the last drop.

We had tried the plain tea before and we never like it. Today, we opted for cool, plain water. A must if you have the spicy tomyam and the spicy fried rice. Hey, it's free refill too. Hooraayy!!

We ordered extra lauk, the BBQ chicken. Very tasty and plenty of it. More than enough for two.

What could be better than a nice cup of chocolate ice-cream after all this spicy food?

Friday, November 11, 2005


Ingatkan artis tak buat side2 income nie. Terkejut gak bukak email pagi tadi. Siti Nurhaliza, Ziana Zain...Nasha Aziz pon ada..ishh.ishhhh....kumpul buat belanja kahwin kuttt....hihihihi...

Monday, November 07, 2005


My friends and I went to Bukit Tinggi 2 days ago. It's still the same old place, nothing much has changed. It was not as crowded compared to the first time I went there. The weather was great, light rain in the afternoon. We enjoyed ourself before the holiday ended and before each of us headed back to our office tomorrow.

I will let the photos tell the stories....

Saturday, November 05, 2005


bila tiba musim raya, selain kuih dan baju baru, mercun dan bunga api adalah antara perkara menarik yang boleh dicari dimusin hari raya. Kalau masa sherrina kecik2 dulu, mende nie memang tidak boleh tidak....mesti ada. kena plak dulu bila beraya semua akan berkumpul di kampung di Gombak. Kawasannya luas, depan umah aje dah besar padang. Pakcik sherrina pulak selalu beli bunga api dan mercun sampai sekotak. sakan le kitorang main. adik sherrina yg lelaki tu memang pakar mercun. kalau takat mercun roket tu, selamba aje taruk dlm botol yg ditanam dalam tanah. kadang2 tu siap berlawan dengan kampung sebelah. hampir semua jenis mercun sherrina penah tengok dan try. cuma meriam buluh aje tak penah tengok depan mata dan try sendiri sebab takde sapa nak buat dan ajar.
bila umah kampung tu dirobohkan untuk ditambak tanahnya (untuk elakkan banjir), 3,4 tahun kebelakangan nie beraya di kawasan perumahan le. masing2 pon malas nak bersakan dengan mercun dan bunga api. satu, sebab masing2 dah besar panjang. so bunga api ni tak le begitu excited. kedua, kawasan tak begitu mengizinkan.
tahun nie beza sket. walaupun tak havoc macam sebelum2 nya, at least ada juga orang yang sudi menaja mercun untuk tahun ni. cuma kali ni mercun yang paling besar sherrina penah tengok dan paling kuat bunyinya. Namanya tatau....
How did my cousin's husband get this bomb? I dunno. I heard my brother said that this thing cost RM15 each. Mak aihhh, brape bungkus nasi ayam boleh dibeli dengan RM15!!!

memandangkan takde tempat yang sesuai untuk pacak mende ni, terpaksa le gunakan tong sampah (sampai hitam2 tong sampah ni dibuatnya)
"ko cover jalanraya. kalau ada kete nak lalu, bagitau. ko plak jaga penonton2 yg ramai kat tangga tu. kang ada yang pegang mercun ni terbang ke langit kang!!", kata otai baju biru.
Mula2, susun sampah ni elok2. kasi mampat.
susun mercun nie elok2. kang buatnye tak terbang dan meletup kat sini....masak kita!
"bang, kita tembak biar cecah pucuk KLCC tu hah"
Hasilnya: lihatlah video dibawah.....

Click here to watch 'Main-Mercun'

p/s: gambar2 pemain terpaksa dihasilkan dengan kualiti rendah untuk melindungi identiti pemain2 mercun. Harap maklum. :p

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Entry Tertunggak

here's some photos of my bro and sis were busy in the kitchen making the must-have-cookie-on hari raya called Chocolate Chip. My job: prepare the stuff and making sure that the cookie not burned in the oven.....


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