Saturday, July 31, 2004

Mat Rempit...Boleh!!

KUALA LUMPUR: The police normally close off Jalan Raja after 7pm daily to stop illegal motorcycle racing which is becoming rampant in the city. However, a check at about midnight and 2am yesterday found that the move seemed ineffective in achieving its aim. Around midnight, a group of motorcyclists were seen gathering in Jalan Raja to perform various stunts on their machines. Two hours later, the group of 20 to 30 motorcyclists were still performing various stunts on their machines and by that time, more than 100 people had gathered at Dataran Square to watch them.

Four motorcyclists on four machines were then seen racing against each other. Suddenly two of them collided and they were thrown of the machines. They were killed. The crowd of onlookers and other motorcyclists immediately fled the scene. Some of the motorcyclists were seen trying to remove the damaged motorcycles from the scene.

Now you see.....

Now you don't....

Sigh.....Kuala Lumpur will gonna missed them so much. Who's gonna put up a spectacular stunt show for us when they have gone? To those who are interested or knows anyone with talents in such stunt, please ask them to join in Wira Merah. I am sure many people will feel proud of them :)

The Star


Have you heard of this word, ghoti? I've never heard it in my life till a friend nickname Shark mentioned about it in MTU Sempoi. He asked how to pronounce the word. At the very first look, I am 100% sure it will be pronounce as GHOTI which is GHO as if Go and TI as if TI-cket. But, there is no meaning for the word in and I tried to search in Google and I am so surprise at those result. I found this website dedicated to these word and guess how to pronounce GHOTI? GHOTI is to pronounce as if FISH? Funny? don't believe it? you better believe.

Remember Bernard Shaw's word ghoti with the gh from laugh, the o from women and the ti from nation and pronounced 'fish'?

Click here

Motorcycle in KL

Complaints made about reckless and careless drivers in KL is not something new. Everyone talks about it almost everyday. I bet everyone who drives in KL has a story of their own experience while driving on the KL roads. Here's my story...

This evening after having dinner with a friend and sent her home, I drove along Jalan Jelatek towards Wangsa Maju. After the traffic light at the junction between Jalan Jelatek towards Carrefour Wangsa Maju, the road was quite dark. It seems that the streetlight is having a problem again. It was raining cats and dogs when I was still in the office. The road was wet and slippery.

As I drove carefully through the dark road towards Carrefour with other cars around me, I was having difficulty to focus on the road. It was still drizzling and some cars being so 'smart' using high beam while driving. When I reach near Destina, then only I realized a motorbike with two guys on it was on the road. Luckily I was driving less than 50km/h at that time or I will definitely knocked them down. As I've mentioned that the streetlight is not working, I was only depending on the lights from the other vehicles and my own too. But this smart motorcyle, must be really brave not only riding it in the dark with black helmet, black t-shirt and pants but also without any break light. I've seen many of these incidents around KL and Selangor and I always ponder about it. It seems that riding motorcycles with malfunctioning break light is a common habit. Not only to teenagers but also adults as well. Is it difficult to use it? Is the light bulb gets damage easily? Is the light bulb expensive? Or could it be a new trend to ride motorcycle without using the light at all? I don't own a bike yet but if I do, making sure that all those lights functions at all time will be my no 1 priority. Safety first.

Anyway, I hope to those of you who are using motorcycle, please be careful. Riding motorcycle on the road already makes you exposed to 70% of potential to get hurt badly when involved in any accident compared to other vehicles like cars and vans. So please, spend some time to check your vehicle and make sure all the lights are functioning including signals. If the rules says motorcyclist need to use light even during the daylight, I don't understand why some dare to take the risk to travel without it at night. At one time, I saw a guy walking into a shop while wearing a helmet that has the break light installed at the helmet which is a better way for safety. Other drivers could see the guy on the motorcycle better with the light at the back of his helmet. I wonder where can I get such kind of helmet?

I plan to take up motorcycle license at the end of this year coz I want to get a scooter for myself to travel from home to office. Does anyone here knows whether the driving school do teach how to ride motorcycle before sitting for the exam coz I knows nothing about riding motorcycle. I only rides bicycle. I heard some driving schools require us to have basic knowledge and skills of riding a bike. Is it true? Does the motorcycle riding exam tough? Share your own experience with me :)

Please don't do this while riding on the road...

Monday, July 26, 2004

LAMAN 2004

I was rushing to Lake Garden last Saturday and only to find the place was crowded with people and vehicles. The exhibition lasted until Sunday attracted thousands of visitors. I had to parked my car far away, much further than the Butterfly Garden. Walking all the way to the lake was not what I expected but luckily free shuttle transports were served to visitors. My friend and I rode on a tramp to the exhibition and later on a golf cart from the exhibition to the parking lot. It's a nice exhibition, lots of flowers and landscape. I took the opportunity to practise my photography techniques. We walked around the lake till we felt exhausted.

Later, we went to Selera Semarak at Jalan Semarak for dinner. The place was packed with Pulapol guys and UTMKL's students watching Akademi Fantasia while having dinner. When I was studying in UTMKL, there's a stall selling delicious Mee Bandung and I tried to looked for the stall. The place has changed from wooden stalls to proper food court. But I couldn't remember which stall, everything look so different. My friend ordered Mee Bandung and I had Nasi Goreng Paprik with teh ais. Urghh...talking about having dinner at malay restaurants or stalls usually means we have to starve waiting for the food and drinks. That's why mamak can attracts more customer. Less than 5 minutes after ordering, at least you will get your drink. While waiting for the food, you will ended up finishing your drink and order another one. Between food and drink, drink has wider profit margin compare to food. Anyway, after dinner we left the place and went home. I had to finished my assignments as the dateline is getting nearer....then, the final exam. sigh....

Bunga?? Orkid lah!!

Daun putih nie bila disentuh rasa lembut macam baldu

Pelbagai jenis dan warna didalam satu kumpulan

Replika botol mineral pun ada. Nape replika botol kicap takde ek?

cuci kaki dulu ye sebelum naik ke rumah

laaa.....ada juga yg mencuba nasib menangguk ikan

ikan pon main acah-acah ngan pakcik pengail nih.....sampai berjanggut dia hah memancing. sekor pon tak sangkut.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Thanks to Awin yang forward article nie to my email.

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar...and the coffee...

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous "yes." The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.

"Now," said the professor, as the laughter subsided " I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things - your God, family, your children, your health, your
friends, and your favourite passions - things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car. The sand is everything else - the small stuff.

"If you put the sand into the jar first," he continued, "there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you. Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your partner out to dinner. Play another 18. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal." Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand."

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented. The professor smiled. "I'm glad you asked. It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend."

Aku paham apa yg ko cuba nak sampaikan, Awin. Jom le kita lepak memana pekena teh tarik sambil sembang2. Dah lama juga aku tak jumpa korang semua :)

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sajak ini dipamerkan di MTU Sempoi oleh Suzieana. Ianya ditulis oleh Sasterawan Negara, Usman Awang. Hayatinya dan fikirkan...ada kebenaran nyata terpapar pada sajak ini.

Melayu itu orang yang bijaksana
Nakalnya bersulam jenaka
Budi bahasanya tidak terkira
Kurang ajarnya tetap santun
Jika menipu pun masih bersopan
Bila mengampu bijak beralas tangan.

Melayu itu berani jika bersalah
Kecut takut kerana benar,
Janji simpan di perut
Selalu pecah di mulut,
Biar mati adat
Jangan mati anak.

Melayu di tanah Semenanjung luas maknanya:
Jawa itu Melayu, Bugis itu Melayu
Banjar juga disebut Melayu, Minangkabau
memang Melayu,
Keturunan Acheh adalah Melayu,
Jakun dan Sakai asli Melayu,
Arab dan Pakistani, semua Melayu
Mamak dan Malbari serap ke Melayu
Malah mua'alaf bertakrif Melayu

Dalam sejarahnya
Melayu itu pengembara lautan
Melorongkan jalur sejarah zaman
Begitu luas daerah sempadan
Sayangnya kini segala kehilangan

Melayu itu kaya falsafahnya
Kias kata bidal pusaka
Akar budi bersulamkan daya
Gedung akal laut bicara

Malangnya Melayu itu kuat bersorak
Terlalu ghairah pesta temasya
Sedangkan kampung telah tergadai
Sawah sejalur tinggal sejengkal
tanah sebidang mudah terjual

Meski telah memiliki telaga
Tangan masih memegang tali
Sedang orang mencapai timba.
Berbuahlah pisang tiga kali
Melayu itu masih bermimpi
Walaupun sudah mengenal universiti
Masih berdagang di rumah sendiri.

Berkelahi cara Melayu
Menikam dengan pantun
Menyanggah dengan senyum
Marahnya dengan diam
Merendah bukan menyembah
Meninggi bukan melonjak.

Watak Melayu menolak permusuhan
Setia dan sabar tiada sempadan
Tapi jika marah tak nampak telinga
Musuh dicari ke lubang cacing
Tak dapat tanduk telinga dijinjing
Maruah dan agama dihina jangan
Hebat amuknya tak kenal lawan

Berdamai cara Melayu indah sekali
Silaturrahim hati yang murni
Maaf diungkap senantiasa bersahut
Tangan diulur sentiasa bersambut
Luka pun tidak lagi berparut

Baiknya hati Melayu itu tak terbandingkan
Selagi yang ada sanggup diberikan
Sehingga tercipta sebuah kiasan:
"Dagang lalu nasi ditanakkan
Suami pulang lapar tak makan
Kera di hutan disusu-susukan
Anak di pangkuan mati kebuluran"

Bagaimanakah Melayu abad dua puluh satu
Masihkan tunduk tersipu-sipu?
Jangan takut melanggar pantang
Jika pantang menghalang kemajuan;
Jangan segan menentang larangan
Jika yakin kepada kebenaran;
Jangan malu mengucapkan keyakinan
Jika percaya kepada keadilan

Jadilah bangsa yang bijaksana
Memegang tali memegang timba
Memiliki ekonomi mencipta budaya
Menjadi tuan di negara Merdeka

Usman Awang
26 NOVEMBER 1999

Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham Usman Awang (1929-2001)

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

To PDA users..

here's a brilliant article written by an iPAQ user in United Stated.

40 things I did with my Pocket PC in a week

Hmmm....let me check out if I have more than 20 list of stuff I do with my Pocket PC. I will post the list later.....have a nice day

p/s: If you haven't heard, is giving away free software for PPC each day till end of July. Grab it while it's still FREE!!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Blind Beggar

I met my good friend this morning. We had a lengthy chat about the job interviews that she had been attended recently. While talking about it, she told me a story about a young beggar who pretended to be blind.

This incident happened on one morning while she was waiting for Putra train at Wangsa Maju station. There were few others who were waiting for the train too. Not far from her, a young guy about 23-25 years old holding some sort of a donation box was standing anxiously waiting for the train. He always looked at the watch box where the next train's arrival time appear. It was 1 minute before the train arrived at the station when suddenly this guy furiously poking into his bag. Most of the passenger at the station looked at him. Some of them even rubbed their own chin as if trying to remember who this guy is. My friend was also thinking very hard for this guy looks extremely familiar to her. While the guy was busy looking into his bag for something, suddenly a cane and a sunglass dropped from the bag. The other passengers were like 'ooo....' and 'ahhh' when seeing it. In a split second, he hold out his hand searching for the two items on the floor. He wore the sunglass and hold out the cane pretending nothing is happened. Another guy teasing him by saying, "laaa..buta rupanya. Tadi naik eskalator punya le confident"

Then only my friend remembered where she met him. The guy used to beg for money at Masjid Jamek area. Duhh...I just don't understand why some people who still have energy and young prefers to pretend to be blind and buy from other people's sympathy. What if one day God makes him blind forever for lying to lots of people?

This is not the first case I heard about young, healthy people pretending to be blind. My father once saw a blind beggar drove a Kancil after collecting money at a restaurant in Keramat.

"Orang memberi lebih baik dari orang yang menerima"

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Muzium Negara

I went to the National Museum last Monday. The last time I went there was a few years ago during the exhibition called "Pameran Dari Kubur". This time, there's exhibitions on gold, films and malaysian culture.

Even though I've lived in KL for almost 20 years, but I still get lost when driving in KL. My friend and I had to stopped at Lake Garden. Stupid me, I brought along Selangor Map when I should have KL map instead. I forgot that I formatted my PDA and didn't installed the Mappolis program which have the KL map. I have to called a friend to confirmed on how to get there. If I know that it would be that easy, we would have arrived there earlier. I should drove towards the exit to Mid Valley and walla..signboards to National Museum can be seen everywhere.

There weren't many locals visiting the museum. Tourist buses can be seen scattered near the museum. We paid RM 2 for adult entrance and spent 3 hours in there. Such a fascinating place. Plenty to discover and read. tonnes of information and we really enjoyed ourselves. Here's some photos which was taken in the museum. Hold your cursor on the photo for explaination.

Entance to the Museum area.

The building

The malay wedding ceremony

China town

Butterflies collection

My favourite bus during school years.

Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam movie accessories

Complete photos can be seen at Sherrina's Fotopages.

By the way, Happy Birthday to's my 24th birthday. What?? I am 24?? That can't be!!!! I feel like 14...wahahahaha

terima kasih diatas komen anda. ini yg sherrina tunggu. sherrina minta maaf jika ada yg tersinggung dengan pendapat sherrina, tetapi sherrina tetap mempertahankannya. It's my personal opinion. if you don't like it, you don't have to agree with it.

sherrina bukan sahaja anti-af tetapi juga program2 hiburan yg lain. kita dah terlalu lama dibuai dengan hiburan. bila hendak berhenti? bukan tidak boleh berhibur. yg sudah sedia ada pon sudah cukup menghanyutkan. ini lagi dengan program spt ini. terpulang pada masing2. ini hanya suara hati saya.

cuma, tidak takutkah kita apabila kita semakin lama sudah semakin seolah2 cuba menghalalkan yang haram. tidak terfikirkah kita yg kita menyumbang sama? contoh: kita menonton program tersebut. Dengan menonton, kita menaikkan rating program. Kita sms pula menyokong artis tersebut. Kemudian, artis tersebut menang dan jadi popular. What if setelah popular, artis tersebut membuat mungkar akibat mabuk glamour? siapakah yg turut menyumbang saham kpd dosanya? bukankah kita yg sms dia waktu mula2 sblm jadi artis dulu? tidakkah kita terpalit sama?

sherrina sendiri pon masih tak mampu nak lari dari hiburan. Radio, wayang, teater. Cuma kita perlu sikit2 mengurangkannya. tanpa usaha tiada jaya.

Monday, July 12, 2004

first time nonton Akademi Fantasia

Sabtu lepas aku ke umah cousin aku di Taman Samudera. Abis aje kelas kat Unitar, aku ke umah dia nak tgkkan problem Palm dia yg takleh sync ke laptop. Kebetulan masa aku sampai, rancangan akademi fantasia nak start ditayangkan. Sebetulnya, semenjak AF nie wujud di muka bumi, aku tak penah sekalipun tgk konsert AF nie. Selain dari faktor takde Astro di umah, aku memang dah jarang nengok tv skarang. lagi prefer internet surfing bila ada di umah. program TV skarang pon dah banyak 'melayukan' orang melayu sendiri.

So, dah alang2 di umah dia aku pon join le skali tgk AF2 sambil dok godek2 laptop cousin aku. Huhu...camnie ghupanya akademi fantasia yg diagung-agungkan oleh orang Malaysia. Sanggup ek menghabiskan duit henpon sms orang2 camnie. bila time nak umum keputusan le paling meluat. berjela-jela di Aznil tu mengayat dan berdrama. air mata ntah brape timba dah mengalir...keputusan tak gak umum. bila diberitahu Anding yg kene kluar (sapa anding nie gua pon tak kenal), hulaaaa..habis nangis semua rakyat malaysia meratapi pemergian wira pujaan ramai (dan nangis juga le mereka2 yg dok sms mamat nie dengan harapan akan menang). hekeleh....aku pon nyaris2 gak capai henpon aku nak tolong sms sama. kesian ngan ayat si aznil tu. mendayu dan merayu. terer dia nie membeli jiwa rakyat malaysia yg mengagungkan akademi fantasia. anyway, korang yg sms jugak yg rugi duit sms (macam le artis2 AF tu nak blanje makan lepas dia dah menang) dan yang tersenyum lebar, tetap jua tokey Astro dan Maxis (aktifkan le dirimu utk AF). Syabas Ananda Krishnan, harap anda dapat jadi jutawan no 1 tahun nie mengalahkan Robert Kuok. Klik Jutawan Malaysia untuk info lanjut.

Program Televisyen Terus Me'layu'kan Orang Melayu

Aku juga menerima email ini mengenai program reality yg diubahsuai. Hmmmm...ada harapan untuk melaksanakannya di Malaysia?

Boleh diusulkan kepada TV3 atau RTM...

Segala.... impiaaaan... (lagu cik ct...)

1. Who will become an Ustaz
Reality show yang menampilkan peserta 12 lelaki yang akan bersaing untuk menjadi seorang Ustaz. Mereka akan ditempatkan disebuah madrasah dan
akan diuji ketahanan dari segi membaca alquran, menunaikan sembahyang wajib, menunaikan sembahyang sunat, azan dan lain lain... Setiap minggu akan di akan pertandingan memberi tazkirah di hadapan penonton yang juga akan disiarkan live dikaca Televison.. Peserta akan dinilai oleh juri profesional (30%) dan sms penonton (70%) pemenang akan mendapat pakej haji percuma.

2. Akademi Islamiah
Reality show yang mengambil 12 budak budak yang telah sesat dan rosak akhlaknya.. Mereka akan ditempatkan di sebuah banglo, dan akan diajar cara hidup islam. Setiap minggu mereka harus menunjukan apakan kepakaran dalam islam yang telah mereka pelajari, dihadapan penonton secara live. SMS penonton akan menentukan peserta yang layak untuk menang (pilih
berdasarkan taraf keinsafan mereka). Mereka menangis kerana menginsafi dosa lalu mereka. Mereka akan 'dikurung' dan dipacakkan dengan 13 kamera CCTV.

3. Muslim Idol
Reality show untuk mencari penceramah Islam terbaik di malaysia. Peserta yang dapat memberi ceramah yang mengusik jiwa penonton akan mara keperingkat
seterusnya hingga ke akhir. Peserta diadili oleh penonton melalui sms. Pemenang akan mendapat peluang merakamkan lagu nasyid dan juga CD ceramahnya.

4. Bintang RTM (Remaja Tahu Mengaji)
Sebuah lagi program dari stesen kerajaan Islam Hadhari kita iaitu berbentuk program tahu mengaji. Peserta diajar cara membaca secara
tartil,bertajwid dengan betul,menghafaz Quran dan berlagu. Peserta yang berjaya akan mendapat cahaya nur Quran.

5. Audition
Rancangan ini berbentuk audition untuk meneruskan pengajian dalam bidang agama samada IPT dalam negeri atau pun luar negeri. Tajaan akan
diberikan kepada yang berjaya. Syarat layak masuk kepada semua yang cintakan Islam dan para pendokong Islam.

Thanks to Kudin yang memberikan link kepada blog Anti-Akademi Fantasia. Kelakar sungguh.


Friday, July 09, 2004

Spot Mistakes in Movie

Did you know that there is a website that published mistakes that are spots in movies such as Gladiator, Spiderman and etc? Check out for more details. This mistakes are detected by movie fan across the world. According to the website, there are 104 mistakes in the Gladiator movie. Here's one mistakes in Gladiator..

Courtesy of

As for the Harry Potter's movies, here's the latest list:
1. Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone - 119 mistakes
2. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret - 123 mistakes
3. Harry Potter and The Prisoners of Azkaban - 43 mistakes

Let's check out some samples of this so-called 'mistakes':

1. Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
When Harry and Hagrid are in Gringotts, Hagrid takes the letter from Professor Dumbleldore out of his pocket to give to the Head Goblin. The string it is tied with has a bow that runs from the top to bottom of the envelope, and the envelope is creased. When the Goblin takes it off Hagrid, it is a different envelope - the bow runs from left to right and the envelope is not creased. When viewed from where Harry and Hagrid are standing, the final shot of the envelope again shows it is creased
(can you believe that there is actually people who look so carefully at the movie to be able to detact this tiny winny mistakes!)

2. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret
At the beginning of the scene near the end of the movie with Lucius Malfoy fuming at Dumbledore in his office, Malfoy's hair is fanned back behind his shoulders. The lighting in the room illuminates the back of his neck, where you can see his real, short brown hair
(can't be too perfect, eh)

3. Harry Potter and The Prisoners of Azkaban
Revealing: In the scene where steam shoots from Harry's ears after eating the candy, you can see that the steam is coming from tubes behind his ears.
(I have no idea that some people watch movie with a microscope)

The award for the movie with the most mistakes goes to........(drum roll, please)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with 254 mistakes (so far and who know more to come). Huge claps and round applause to them.....hoorayyy while second and third place goes to Lord Of The Ring: The Two Tower and The Fellowship of The Ring with 223 and 222 mistakes so far (this award will be handed over to Obi wan Kenobi who adores LOTR so much). Hurrahh to Harry Potter for not being in the top 3 list yet...(I hope not)

There are plenty more of movie mistakes in Movie Mistakes. Check out the website for details

Thursday, July 08, 2004

4 new kittens

My family adores cat very much except my mum who find cats only brings problem. My dad used to like a big, taiko cat called Kimmy Jr who rules the cat territory in my neighbourhood. But after Kimmy Jr disappear, another dull cat took over its position. We seldom hear cat fight at night, not like previous.

There is this grey cat which I called 'Kelabu' (I usually call cats by the colour of their fur) gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens in my shoe cabinet. We only keep old shoes there and maybe Kelabu find the shoe odour nice for her to give birth. The next morning, we could heard kitten's crying for their mom who eventually went out for a stroll (too bad cat aren't able to hold and push a pram or else it would be a nice sightseeing). My mom was angry when knewing about the kittens and it were sent to the neighbour's house who owns the cat. But, later on Kelabu took her kittens back to the old place. Here's some photos of the picture and I would be glad if any of you could spare some cat's name for the 4 new kittens. Apparently, I can't call the kittens by the colour of their fur because all of them seems to have almost identical colour which is grey. For temporary, I shall call them A,B,C and D which I have no idea how I am gonna differentiate which one is A,B,C and D. Maybe I could stamp the letter on their back!

The four lovely kittens

Sleeping on each other to keep warm

The mother feeds the kittens

p/s: Do you guys believe what people said when we snap pictures of cat, the cat will die or disappear?

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I'm not panick (am I?)

Oh shit....I've just realized I was assigned to a wrond course. I am sure I was registered for Knowledge Management but when I click the link, I didn't see any latest announcement. I thought the lecturer was busy and lazy. But when I click my classmate list, I realize I am in big trouble. I am the only one in the class! bloody hell. Quickly browse in faculty website only to find out that the code never exist. I hope they won't make me pay for these non-existing subject. I've never been so careless when taking care of my subject and this one really messed my day! hate it.......

p/s: I never knew clamshell cellphone is quite nice. It's so light and small, I can even keep it in my chest pocket. cool. But the buttons are too tiny. I need to keep longer fingernails, I guess.

pps: To Dazel, congrats for getting yourself the iPAQ 4150. I'm sure you will love it :)

Monday, July 05, 2004

Cheap iPAQ, anyone?

I thought I had classes in Unitar last saturday and sunday. I went there eagerly to absorb all the awaiting information but heck, the place was deserted. I mean, there's a few people hanging out around there including the guards but my classroom was empty and dark. Urrghhh...wasting my time, my petrol and my energy. My own fault, I should have trust the schedule not my instict. Bummer!

anyway, yesterday I went to Subang Jaya. The last time I went there was about 10 years ago when my family took us for dinner at Subang Parade. I also have no idea why I've never set my foot again in Subang Jaya. Most probably because it's quite a distance from my place and I don't have friends and relatives staying there for me to visit. So, there was an ads in Saturday's The Star about a clearance sale on old pc, printer and PDA. With the help of my KL Map book and plus Mappolis on my PDA which shows the map of KL and Selangor, I drove to Subang Jaya from Kelana Jaya. After few turns and twist, finally I arrived at the place. Almost an hour of drive (maddness, the signboards are helpless or is it me who gets panicked when suddenly I found out that I'm back into the Federal Highway? anyway, it's a cool place and I was cursing myself when seeing the iPAQ selling at cheap price. I really mean it. Imagine, iPAQ 5 series which usually cost what? RM 1700 I guess was selling at RM 1200 only!! Now I understand why people advice to wait till a good bargain appears. Darn. But, one reason makes me smile. Those are demo units. Meaning, it has been used in demo and tour by iPAQ around Malaysia (oh heck, they still look lovely and look new). So, I have to tell myself. Don't worry, you have a brand new, virgin set of iPAQ. Untouched by anyone (except the people who assembled the unit) and it was nicely pack in the box. Not like this one (but it still have a box...huwaaa). Anyway, it's a nice sale but I didn't purchased anything. The printer looks too old even though it only cost RM 30 but I'm eyeing on the smaller model. Hooraayy...PC Fair will be held end of this month. Keep away some cash for the shopping spree :)

Oh, look at the time. Need to rush now. Gotta see my cousin's friend about the Samsung handphone (haha...gotten myself a second hand Samsung. At last, my own clamshell cellphone). and later, dash to meet my friend. It's good to have off day on Monday. Adios.....

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Hiya people,
how's the days? The weather is kind of unpredictable eh, nowdays. Some days it is too hot and suddenly it rains in the evening. Alhamdulillah....
I've just finished reading the book about the shopaholic. Gosh, the writer is superb. I've never read some thing so different like it. It sounds so alive and the book provides lengthy of tips in finance management. I hope I will not stuck with credit card problems just like Rebecca (the main act in the story). The best part, it's such a nice ending. I will surely grab the next book, Tie the Knot to find out how did the wedding between Luke Brandon (I wonder if there is many millionnaire bachelor in Malaysia as it is in United Stated?) and Rebecca (Queen of Shopping). Have a nice weekend. will be back with more updates and photos.


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