Monday, August 30, 2004

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan

Merdeka.....Merdeka...Merdeka.....dengan doa dan harapan agar Malaysia dan rakyatnya akan terus sejahtera, makmur dan aman, Amin.....

Sunday, August 29, 2004

I had all the plan listed for the weekend to keep me busy. But to God's will, I was at home laying on the bed due to high fever, flu, cough and sore throat....Manusia hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

At will be here!!

Eiffel, I'm In Love Will Hit Local Cinema

After waiting for so long since the movie firsr appeared in cinemas across Indonesia, now at last it will hits Malaysia's cinema. Eiffel, I'm In Love was a major hit in Indonesia since it was first released in November 2003 managed to atrracted large crowd, 3 millions to the cinema. 9 months after the first release, the movie maker released an extended version of the movie which is shown for 3 hours and 15 minutes (the original movie was 2 hours and 15 minutes). It was released on 17th June 2004.

Extended version

So, what's the story all about? Here's the synopsis from Cinemaonline

Tita's life as a teenager is perfect. She is loved by everyone in the family. Her boyfriend Ergi is a patient guy who loves and adores her. And she has 2 best friends to share her life and secrets with. Tita's only problem is her overly protective mother who refuses to let her out of the house.

Everything changes drastically when Adit, her father's friend's son, comes from France to Indonesia for a visit and stays in Tita's house.

Adit's temper and his pride keep getting on Tita's nerves and they are constantly at logger heads with one another. To Tita's dismay, she discovers that her parents have decided to match-make them.

It's Tita's worst nightmare. But the nightmare worsens when Adit starts dating her best friend and Tita finally realises that her feelings for Adit have changed.

Hero: Samuel Rizal
Heroin: Shandy Aulia

Check out nearest cinema for the movie schedule. Will it better movie than Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? We will see about it. I hope Biola Tak Berdawai will follow Eiffel, I'm in Love footstep to Malaysia cinema...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Adoiii...punye le banyak program minggu nie. Tatau nak lari gi mana satu...

1. Sesapa yg nak blaja teknik night photography, bleh join half day course. Praktikal di Taman KLCC dikendalikan oleh Noryani Ismail (True To Nature Photography). Kursus diadakan setiap hari bermula 25/8/2004 - 28/8/2004 pada jam 6pm - 10pm. Maklumat dan tempahan tempat, hubungi beliau di 019-285 6867. RM 100 dikenakan bagi setiap sesi.

2. Smart Teacher training di ICSB Sdn Bhd, Seri Rampai pada 28/8 - 29/9. Sapa berminat nak tau lebih lanjut mengenai program Smart Teacher (especially sapa yg berminat nak wat home tuition) bleh email sherrina di

3. Gathering Malaysian Fotopages pada 29/8/2004 bermula jam 2 petang di Taman Warisan, Putrajaya.

4. iPAQclub gathering at Low Yatt Plaza on 28/8 and 29/8...sesapa yg pakai iPAQ boleh le datang tengok review model2 iPAQ yang terbaru. Masa: 2.30 pm. Lelongan pon ada.

5. Kenduri Kahwin En. Faruq Yunus di Shah Alam pada 28/8/2004. Tahniah dan slamat pengantin baru. Tak sure bleh datang ke tak...kalau takde kelas sampai petang boleh le lari kejap.

nie rasa cam nak duplicate diri nie. mana satu nak talilat laili tamplom.....

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Azie and Novan's Wedding Reception @ Dewan Perdana

Congratulation and happily ever after to the newsly-wed couple, Azie and Novan who had invited me to attend their wedding reception which was held at Dewan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur last night. It was a great ceremony with the atttendance of Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah along with other VIP, VVIP, Guest of honours, families and relatives and friends of the couple. The ceremony kicked off at 8.30pm when Raja Nazrin Shah arrived and shortly after that the beautiful couple walked into the glamour hall accompanied by a group of kompang players. They stood at the entrance and all guests stood when Rabbani's lead singer's recorded voice echoed through the entire Perdana Grand Ballroom reciting Selawat. After that, the couple walked towards the main stage where Raja Nazrin and other guests sat waiting for them. There were no tepung tawar or bersanding ceremony but it was replaced with makan beradab. Islamic way of wedding ceremony.

Two emcees announced their presence and inviting the bride's father to ask permission from Raja Muda Perak to begin the ceremony. The bride's father, Datuk Seri Abdul Manap then gave a speech to thank all who presence to witnessed these blissful couple and gave away some advice to both of them. After the speech, all guests were invited to enjoyed the delightful dishes served by Dsaji catering. I sat with 9 other old school friends (mas,fiza,akim,rose,yati,kelly,murni,nadia and awin) and we chatted and ate while watching the presentation slides of both couple. It was about their childhood and how they met. It was nice and sweet. Nik Yazmin shared with the audience her sweet and bitter memories as one of Azie's close friend since school. The food was good, nasi minyak with several dishes and we were served with tapai and ice cream as the dessert. Tentera Darat's band was playing music while we enjoyed ourselves. The program ended at 10.30pm and we took the opportunity to take photos with the bride and bridgroom. Even our ex-Geography teacher, Mrs Lew was there too. We left the place an hour later with do'a that the happy couple will live happily ever after....

The Wedding Ceremony

Raja Nazrin Shah sat between Novan (left) and Azreen (right)

Upacara memotong kek. Pengantin diiringi oleh pengapit pengantin perempuan, Amanda.

Rakan-rakan CBN yang sama-sama hadir memeriahkan majlis sekaligus membantu mengabihkan lauk.

Pakat-pakat mengambil berkat

Semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat

Full collection: click

Thursday, August 19, 2004


This is an sms which I received from my student, Nadira.

Positive thinking is like this:

A little bird fly up in the sky

U look up and

it shit in your eye.

you don't mind and you don't cry

you just thank God

that cows don't fly!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Bagi sesiapa yang memiliki akaun fotopages dijemput menghadiri gathering Malaysian Fotopages yang akan diadakan:

Tarikh: 29 Ogos 2004
Masa: 2 pm
Tempat: Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila klik link ini: Malaysian Fotopages Gathering 2004

Insya' Allah jika tiada aral sherrina pun akan berada disana. Lagipun tiada agenda untuk hari tersebut. Boleh juga amik kesempatan menjelajahi Putrajaya :)

Monday, August 16, 2004

Jamal Abdillah ordered to undergo two years of police supervision

News update by The Star Newsdesk

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular singer Jamal Abdillah was ordered by a magistrate's court here to undergo two years of police supervision after he tested positive for drugs. Magistrate Nazran Mohd Sham issued the order Monday under Section 61 (b) of the Drug Addict (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983.

Under the Act, Jamal, 45, is required to report to a police station once a month and notify the police of his whereabouts, should he move house. He is also subject to random urine tests.
Jamal had earlier registered himself at Pengasih, an organisation involved in drug rehabilitation to undergo voluntary rehabilitation and treatment. The Malay pop idol, who tested positive for a second time since his arrest, said he agreed with the report prepared by the drug rehabilitation officer. Jamal who was arrested on Aug 3 for driving a car bearing a false number plate, was earlier released on a RM3,000 bail on Aug 5 after he underwent a urine test.

The award-winning singer has been arrested several times before for drug addiction. In mitigation, defence counsel Kamarul Zaman Abdul Rahman urged the court to take into account Jamal's effort to register himself at Pengasih as soon as he was out on bail. Kamarul said sending Jamal, to a government-run drug rehabilitation centre (Pusat Serenti) in Dengkil, would make his situation difficult as he had signed a three-year contract with Warner Music to produce a new album.

He said his client also had to support his child and ex-wife. Kamarul said the fact that Jamal was last placed in a Pusat Serenti in 1989, showed that he had tried to control himself from using drugs between then and now.

Now I understand the phrase of "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave" in the Eagle's popular song, Hotel California.
He has the talent but he choose to screwed it.....

Sunday has always been another busy day for me. It's either going to Unitar to attend class, studying in the library or visiting interesting places in KL. But today, I have no plan at all. It's semester holiday and also middle of the month. I have nowhere to go. Thanks to my CBN friends who called me to meet up in Sogo. I totally forgot about Azie's wedding which will be held this coming Saturday at Dewan Perdana. Gosh, we need to buy something for her.

So, I just wear my slack and t-shirt. Brought along my HP bagpack which I usually use to keep my laptop. Stuffed my book and pda inside it and hopped into dad's car. My mom and dad was about to leave house to Mines Convention Center to visit the Halal Food exhibition. I asked dad to dropped me at the bus stop near Giant Hulu Klang. My mom asked why didn't I use the LRT instead of the bus? I just said, I wanna ride on the bus. It was so long since the last ride I took in the public bus.

I was at the bus stop for about half an hour. Then only the Len Seng bus came. I hold one ringgit and few coins in my hand. I have no idea how much is the bus fare from Taman Permata to Pertama Complex. I thought Len Seng bus uses the coin machine like those in Intrakota, but they don't. At least, not the one that I rode on. It still has the ticket man. I paid RM 1.60 for the 30 minutes ride. It's supposed to be an air-cond bus but I hardly feel the cool air. The indian girl who sat besides me keeps complaining about the heat and keep pushing the aircond to her. I just stare outside.

Pheww...Imagine all those stuff that I missed throughout this year. I've been driving to and fro the Genting Klang road but being a driver, I didn't get to see everything. I know I should use the public transport more often then. I didn't realize there's a 'kedai potong' in Jalan Genting Klang. Gee..I can dropped by at any day and asked if they have a nice and reasonable car seat to replace the old passenger seat. There's also a new tuition centre opening at one of the shop lot. Then, there's a new mamak shop with big shinning signboard. The Chow Kit area as usual, packed with almost 70% of them are Indonesian. The music from the nearby music store blasted loudly and a group of men were gathering in front of a shop watching the big tv. It was crowded, noisy and hectic.

I arrived at the bus stop near Odeon cineplex. sheesh..I missed these cinema. This is where I watched the first movie ever in a cinema. It was 'Awas' the movie. I was one of the KRU die-hard fan and I sneaked into the cinema just to watched the movie without my parent's permission. I don't think they knew about it until today. The ticket price was cheap, less than RM 5 but the seating is incomparable with TGV or GSC which was not available during those years. We met at Maju Junction. I went to check out new slack and shirt at FOS. Jeez, I even found a nice business card holder at Memorylane. I need to get one of those. The selection of items in Memorylane in Maju Junction is much wider and better compared to Wangsa Maju. We bought a nice frame for our friend. Later, we headed to the food court. I bought a kuey tiow and ABC with ice cream. I wish I have my digicam with me. The ABC was so nice...I asked for ABC without Cincau ( I don't like cincau) plus a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. nice and sweet. My friend bought two different set of ABC. Both are nice. I should visit this place more often. The selection of foods are better and the place is so comfortable. It feels so relaxing. We enjoyed our dessert while talking about the coming wedding.

We left the place at 4pm. My kind friend dropped me at Kampung Baru for me to get any bus back to Hulu Klang. While waiting and counting the cars that passed by, suddenly I was interrupted by a man wearing green shirt and trouser asking me for two ringgit. I shooked my head and lied to him saying that I only have 1 ringgit for the bus fare. He just went off. I thought I've seen his kind of clothes somewhere. It looks like those uniform that patients wear in the hospital. Omigod, could he be an escaped patient from the nearby hospital?

The Intrakota came after the man left. The bus fare from Kg Baru to Hulu Klang also cost me RM 1.60. When the bus arrived at National Zoo's bus stop, two Indonesian ladies wanted to go to Chow Kit but the bus was heading to the depot in Taman Melawati. I just watched them, amusingly when I only realized it was the station which I should get down. I have to walk further to reach home. Okay then, I dropped by at the sugarcane stall near the post office and walked home. It was kind of scary to walk under the flyover of Taman Melawati-Hulu Klang. I can hear the sounds of the flyover vibrating tremendously. Gulp...don't tell me these flyover is also cracking like the one near Kepong? I quickly left the place and arrived home exhausted.

It's time to go to sleep. Good night, Malaysia.....

Sunday, August 15, 2004

I was reading today's The Star when I came across this article:

Superstitious man dies on Friday the 13th

BUCAREST: A superstitious Romanian, who refused to leave his house throughout Friday the 13th to avoid bad luck, died after he was stung by a wasp in his kitchen, police said.

Florin Carcu, 54, had even taken the precaution of asking his boss for permission not to go to work on Friday.

”It was the strangest request I've ever received but I ended up giving him permission to stay at home because he seemed to be really scared of something bad happening to him on that day,” Carcu's boss Gheorghe Domsa told the press. – AFP

Source: The Star

You can't cheat death. Just like in the movie which I recently watched, Final Destination 2

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A Child Called "It"

Sherrina baru habis final exam. Yahoo...seronok sebab boleh kembali membaca buku cerita. Abis aje exam, sherrina tuju ke Kinokuniya KLCC. Dari satu rak ke satu rak, dari satu seksyen ke satu seksyen. Sherrina tatau nak cari buku apa.Mula ingat nak baca buku Chic Lit, maybe Sophie's Shoppaholic series tapi jemu le plak. Lepas baca 2 siri, rasa boring. Mungkin sebab ianya mengenai shopping yg bukan hobi sherrina. Pastu survey buku2 komputer. Ingat nak beli buku Visual tapi teringat pula di library Unitar pun banyak buku komputer yang bagus2 dan e-book percuma. Hmmm...boleh pinjam, save sket duit.

Buntu. Nak baca sesuatu tapi tatau nak baca apa. Buku membaiki grammar English dah beli tapi belum baca. Buku politik? Boleh pinjam pakcik punye. Buku Marina Mahathir tu cam best tapi baca kat Kinokuniya pun boleh habis sehari. Belek punye belek, sherrina ke bahagian Psikologi. Edward De Bono...boring. Dalam internet pun banyak. Aitt....A Child Called It? buku apa nie? Nampak cam best. Mintak tolong pembantu Kinokuniya bukakan pembalut buku dan sherrina duduk membaca bahagian pertama. Wallla..bestnya. Kisah benar Dave Pelzer melalui kehidupan kanak-kanak yang cukup memilukan. Dihukum, didera dengan teruk oleh ibunya sendiri, dibiarkan menderita oleh bapanya yang kene Queen Control walaupun Dave mengangkat bapanya sebagai hero dalam hidup. nih. Terus beli. Ada 4 buku kesemuanya dari zaman Dave kecil hingga lepas kawin.

sherrina telah habis membaca buku ini. Begitu sedih. Begitu menyayat hati. Ianya adalah isi hati perit jerih seorang kanak-kanak yang melalui zaman kecil yang begitu indah, yang begitu bahagia. Tidak keterlaluan jika sherrina katakan Dave pernah merasai kemanisan keluarga bahagia, hampir kepada sempurna. Sounds too perfect. Tetapi sayangnya, kebahagiaan itu musnah di tengah jalan. Sherrina sendiri kurang faham apakah sebab ibunya tiba2 berubah daripada seorang ibu yang penyayang kepada ibu yang begitu bengis. Sherrina rasa ianya akibat masalah psikologi tapi atas kerana apa masalah itu timbul, ianya tidak pula diberitahu.

Menitis air mata sherrina. Dave pada usia 6 tahun telah disuruh melakukan pelbagai kerja yang tak sepadan dengan kudrat dan usianya. Dave dilayan seperti hamba tetapi abang-abangnya dilayan bagaikan raja. Sherrina juga kurang faham kenapa Dave yang didera dan bukan abang-abangnya.

Akan sherrina sambung lagi ulasan mengenai buku ini. Jangan bimbang, buku ini tidak dipenuhi dengan teori psikologi atau motivasi yang membosankan tetapi ianya diserap dan dianyam didalam perjalanan kehidupan Dave Pelzer yang penuh duka dan luka...

Another photo from Fudge's Photo Collection. For full version, visit Fudge's Fotopages

Vote For Your Favourite Pose

It's been so long since the last time I spend little time looking at my backyard. Since my cat, Tom decided to move to another house which could afford to serve him canned food instead of rice and cekodok to him, I seldom have time to check my backyard and see other cats that loves to come to our house to get some food. But today I notice this brown cat laying at on the cement while I was cooking for lunch. It was waiting patiently hoping for some food to occupy his big tummy. I thought it will ran when I tried to get near it but it was a tame cat. After a few months of not touching and caressing any cats, it felt so good to be able to pat and brush this healthy cat. I hope it will stay around longer and who knows, I might want to adopt it to replace Tom :-)

Vote for your favourite pose. No need to AFUNDI, just vote in the comment. ;-)

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Cute Kittens

These are photos of newly-born kittens belongs to my friend, Fudge. Arent' they looks so cute and adorable? :)

Photos are courtesy of Fudge's Collection.

Hoorrayy....exam is over!

Alhamdulillah, the last 2 paper has been cleared out. Only the result will determine how far I had done throughout this semester. Always hoping the best for it. Now, it's time for a quick break while catching up with few books to read, learn Visual to prepare for next semester's first project paper and my home tuition program will be started in September, insya' Allah.

My officemate and I was supposed to celebrate our boss's 27th birthday at KFC Wangsa Maju but her whole families had fever and the program was cancelled. My friend and I decided to go to KLCC coz I need to check out books in Kinokuniya. I plan to purchase a book called Microsoft Visual Basic: Step By Step but it was not available. As usual I will browse through the bestseller books but nothing looks interested to me. I've been reading too much of chic lits and I think I need a change. I looked at the computer sections but couldn't found anything interesting. Luckily Unitar's library provides a lot of IT computers and CDs for students to borrow and it's been updated regularly. Even the IT e-book will be available soon. I don't think I need to purchase any computer books. I browsed through the literature and language section, then politics before stopped at psychology section. here's some interesting books. It's been quite a while since the last time I had a psychology or motivation books in my hand. I picked up several books and read the summary. Found a very interesting book called A Child Called It written by Dave Pelzer. It's a true story about Dave Pelzer's childhood life which was brutally beaten and did not get proper love from his mom and dad. I have not started reading it yet but I know I will hooked on this series for sure. This is the first part and there are 3 or 4 sequals to this first book.

It was so crowded in KLCC. Lots of people having fun while relaxing on Saturday evening. We strolled at the park and later decided to leave the place. It was getting dark and we headed to Wangsa Melawati to have dinner at a western food restaurant called Mama Chop Papa Grill. Located at the roadside of Wangsa Melawati, opposite the serves mouth-watering western food at a very affordable price. I had a nice and juicy lamb chop with fried bun, vege and fries along with black paper sauce while my friend tried the chicken chop served with vege, rice and brown sauce. I also ordered jumbo size watermelon juice which cost me RM 3.50....worth it. I didn't managed to finished up every little drop but it was nice and sweet.

What's the plan for tomorrow? Maybe I will be in Sogo. I need a new pant for currently I only have two pants left. The black jeans is unwearable due to the small hole at the bottom. I think I need a new pair of shoe too..the old one will be teared into pieces in no time. It had been sewed twice.

Demam Bendera in KLCC. I think the design looks funny especially the moon and star. Isn't it placed wrongly?

One down....

Nice and very useful

Mama Chop Papa Grill

The jumbo size watermelon juice against the regular ice lemon tea.

Chicken Chop with brown sauce

Lamb chop with black paper sauce. It would be better if they covered up the lamb with sauce instead of just putting it on top. The amount was not enough.


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